Acid mix and react with oxygen, water and

Acid rain in Canada is very dangerous to many things: lakes; streams; rivers; fish and many other wildlife. It can also be dangerous to us too. Acid rain is caused by chemical reactions that starts when compounds (like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides) are released in the air. These chemicals can rise high into the atmosphere where mix and react with oxygen, water and other substances to make more acidic pollutants, known as acid rain. Acid rain has effects that are mostly found in aquatic environments. When it flows through the topsoil, acidic rain water can percolate aluminum from soil clay speck and then run into streams and lakes. Acid rain has many effects on many things, but nothing is more considerable than its collision on lakes, wetlands, streams, and other aquatic environments. Acid rain makes aquatic environments acidic. Plus it causes them to absorb the aluminum that creates its way from soil into streams and lakes.We can keep acid rain away:Use cleaner fuelsUse other substances of electricity (like solar energy)Diminish the outcome of Acid Rain by Liming (FGD) Flue Gas DesulphurisationPrune the amount of sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen liberated into the atmosphere. The Government can let us know what we can do to keep acid rain from happening. We can use renewable energy sources. But the best way to reduce acid rain is to fabricate energy without using fossil fuels. Then again, because nitrogen oxides are produced in the procedure of burning coal and other non-renewable sources, some hydroelectric plants are changing the way they burn coal. But then again we have to put in effort to prevent acid rain from doing any damage. We can start by: you can stop using non-renewable fuels and use renewable sources instead, stay away from using your car whenever possible. There isn’t an easy way to get rid of acid rain. To help keep it from is easy, a bunch of things can help bring acid rain. Acid rain is one of the greatest problems could impact contrary on the environment. There are many unlucky things that has happened to people in Eastern Canada. The biggest problem most cities have is air pollution and that is apart of the problem for acid rain. We can help stop putting pollutants in the air to prevent acid rain from happening.