Abu I went to these places and they

Abu Dhabi, a place with past and present together. Being the
capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi is not free from surprises and facilities which lots
of us have not even imagined. Here, I am
going tell all of you that by having the personal experience I had there.

When I planned for Abu Dhabi for fun, people told me that
you being a newbie will not be able to have the full-fledged
tour and it is a must that for Abu Dhabi
city tour you find some professional or some local person who is going to
assist you around and will make your trip memorable. For this reason, I thought
that before reaching Abu Dhabi I should ask some of my friends who are a citizen of that place to guide me that what
should I do or what are the attractions I should go for. They have told me
about lots of places or attractions where I will feel amazed and a good
addition to my memory.

Ferrari world being the state of the art attraction with the flavor of future in that desert is
something you should all look for. My experience of Abu Dhabi City tour has been really amazing, considering that I
started from this place offering the most joyous rides which take you to the world of Ferrari with fun rides
going from 0 to 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds is what you will get here by having
almost F1 racing experience. With rides of all kinds from roller coasters to 4d
rides with cinema and car show all under one roof. This dessert is not free from offering many amazing surprises.

With attractions likes this, I could not stop myself but to
go to a place which is a mixture of art and technology. I am talking about
Emirates palace with the ambiance of Burj Khalifa
of Dubai. It is a hotel which is not free from every luxury of the world with
domes which resembles an old tradition it is related to and the suites which take you to future with all the amenities. It
doesn`t end there with offering a 1.3 km private beach for members, giving them
the experience of life.

Though this hotel is for rich people, but I had some savings which I used on this hotel to get
the experience of culture and heritage with full volume. This hotel has been
seen to offer orchestras and opera and concerts which makes it the hub for
expanding the culture of Abu Dhabi all around.

Though, there have been many places which I had the visit to
but, to name a few I went to these places and they gave me experiences of a lifetime. I will certainly visit these places in the coming future
with hopefully family of mine coming along with me. Not to forget that, if you
are planning to come to this place then, it is the right approach to find about
these places beforehand to get the ultimate experience you desire.