ABSTRACT: time-consuming for individuals to uncover. This predictive


In today’s competitive
world, the use of data in planning and operations of a business has become
imperative. The analytics is powering the critical decision making in human
resources, finance, production, marketing and sales. In strategic decisions for
human resources, the data analytics play role in recruiting, selecting, growing
and motivating the employees. Artificial intelligence(AI) is used to group,
analyse and represent the data in a form that is easily accessible and
understood and can be acted upon by the HR managers. With an inundation of data
in the HR space, AI has the capacity to provide a wealth of insights in HR
areas including recruitment. AI systems instantly identify patterns and make
connections that would be difficult and time-consuming for individuals to
uncover. This predictive intelligence allows HR teams to become more proactive
and more strategic with their planning and programs.AI is a branch of computer
science that uses machine learning algorithms that mimic cognitive functions; making
machines more humanlike.AI is so attractive as it helps leverage intelligent
machines keep HR managers focused on the needs of candidates and employees. AI
helps outsource not just some of the administrative tasks in HR a recruitment
but also helps elevate our current efforts throughout our organization. The
main objective of this paper is to study the role of AI in recruitment. It also
throws highlights on the techniques used in recruitment. This being a
conceptual paper, only secondary sources are used to gather the information.
Various books and websites are used to gather the information. Also, various
literatures are reviewed to understand the concept

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As suggested by Andrew Ng
a few weeks earlier, there is a lot of hype about AI and its use cases in the industry.
Only a certain job exist which needs even less than one second of thinking can
be automated with the currently available technology. Almost all of AI’s recent
progress is through one type, in which some input data (A) is used to quickly
generate some simple response (B). Some of the industry influenced by its
implication are web search, advertising, e-commerce, finance, logistics, media
and more.

With the global
technology at its peak, the organisations are using AI to reach out for
competent candidates for the crucial roles. The power of using data can be
realized not just by the return on investment or with the future predictions
but by the actual benefits that come when AI leverages the people data to make
use of this data into actions.

 The AI technology provides a tool to the HR
managers and leaders to attract, retain and inspire the competent manpower
which leads to the success and growth of the organisation. One of the recent trends
in HR is the Use of AI in recruitment.

Artificial intelligence
is defined as “an ideal, intelligent “machine that is a flexible rational
agent that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance
of success at some goal.”

The time and cost are
saved by using of automation in recruitment and does away with the third-party
involvement in the recruitment. The organizations can reach the best talent in
less time and money, with the automation and use of AI in recruitment, the
organisations can reach the best. AI tools have been extensively used to
automate the resume screening process by providing recommendations to learn
about an existing employee experience, skills, and experience to get cumulative
insights before arriving at hiring decisions.