A that to achieve the goals such as

comparative study is a way to determine a matter in different context. Especial
in the base of marriage agreement. This comparative study is about the Islam
and other religions’ marriage contract (Babaei, 2014).The main point of this
study is different religions believe that to achieve the goals such as the
sexual needs, generation, love, marriage create a space for Discussion about
religion and identity(Babaei,2014). 2.1 Marriage in Islam Family and marriage
are the important social vogue in our society. Islam encourages the boys and
girls marriage for the form of family. In Islam, marriage is a deer thing by
God that belongs to the human nature. Marriage
protects humans’ faith that the prophet said, when a man marries, he has
protected half of his religion” (Majlisi 1403, 100:222).Besides of Quran
verses, Muslim scholars consider marriage from two aspects: to reach the peace,
revival of the human race. And the others believes
the main point of marriage is to be a formation of family for the new
generation of healthy for Muslims (Elahi and Malakutifar 1389 Sh, 105).And
the sexual is an important matter in the human nature that Islam emphasizes on
the necessity of it and God’s philosophy in creating it (Elahi and Malakutifar
1389 Sh, 106). Shahid Motahhari said as experience
shows, who avoid marriage for the spiritual goals demonstrate shortcoming in
their personality. 2.1.1 Age of marriage Marriage like to the other
needs is important especial for Muslims that god emphasize to it. And marriage
is a matter that leading to many social and individual problems. Imam sadeq
prohibits marriage at an early age, and warns. For
example: If you have your children marriage at childhood, no affection will
arise between the wife and husband. In Islam the age of nine is the age of
puberty for girls and the age of fifteen is for boys when they are reach to the
puberty. Whereas this is a very important issue, so the Islam should
encourage the boy and girls to the early marriage. Especial
the suitable age for boys is eighteen and for girls is fifteen (Ahmad Panahi
1385 Sh, 42). 2.1.2 Conditions of marriage In the marriage extent, the
provider of condition is important, that one of these conditions is the freedom
of choice of both parties. This choice can be seen
in the marriage of the Imams, such as: in the marriage of Fatima and Imam Ali
(Motahhari 1359 Sh, 67).and other marriage condition is sigha. And one
limitation is that Marriage between a Muslim and a non-Muslim is impossible and
forbidden. 2.1.3 Polygamy Polygamy is admissible in Islam according to some