A Speech for Recognition

To all the molders of all the scholars who are in this very hall starting from our university president, Rev. FRR. Renville H. Sat. Ana, CACM, our three vice presidents, Dry. Monies Alexander Asuncion for Academics, Dry. John Octavos Plain for Administration and Mrs.. Venice Costa for Finance, our academic and administrative deans, the faculty and staff, fellow scholars and students, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. I am not a special person because I am standing here at the stage giving my speech after being chosen by the committee on scholarship and awards.

I am not an idol to be praised all the time. I am Just like everyone else in this university who study the designed curriculum for me. I am also a student who walks in the corridors, who stays at the benches or patios, who eats single meat lunch near Gate 1, who tries to visit my Faceable account every night, who sings inside the bathroom and etcetera. I believe, most of us, scholars, do the same things. The only thing that makes us different from Just a few who are not scholars is that we really value all the support given to us.

Indeed, we are all here because of all our hardships, struggles and efforts to excel in our chosen field. We all have sleepless nights. We all have spent much money for our requirements. Some of us don’t even bother having a love life Just to concentrate that much in our studies. Peapod an MGM dalasi as kaka-encode as dating MGM computer o laptop. Mangling MGM dallier’s papal Dahl as magpie an package as MGM lapis at gung anon pa mange panatela nag gamin. Antitank an MGM mat as casabas Eng MGM railing adapt basin. Mammalian’s Eng gusto. Nubians Eng allowance.

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Mapped as Oakland pant palpable Eng LURE. LATA yang marshal ay angina an anti. Hindi baa? The real question is: “Did the others exert the same efforts to repay those who support them in any way? We all know that behind every student studying in this university has someone supporting his/her studies – you have your parents, your siblings, your relatives, your guardians, your friends, your sponsors. But have we ever asked ourselves if we are able to repay them with what we do in this university? Have we ever considered them as our motivation in our studies?

Have we ever recognized their efforts and sacrifices just to give us the privilege of studying at college? Many of you are lucky because you don’t have to worry too much before examinations – the paying of school fees. Yes, we are scholars and we have our scholarships but we struggle too Just to get that discount. We have here our library working scholars and working students who work two or four hours in a day Just to study here and get the quality education they aim for. But unfortunately, we also have those students who are taking this privilege for granted. Sad to say, they are wasting whatever support they are receiving.

You will see students spending all their vacant periods at the billiard house or at those huts having their stories with cootie-rich sticks in their mouth animating teapots with boiling water contributing to air pollution. Isn’t it a mess? I am not saying that you don’t have the right to do those things but have you ever also tried to exert that effort of sleepless nights and spending money for your study? Am I asking too much question my dear friends? I am sorry but that’s my way on how I could help someone to realize things especially his/her shortcomings, to realize how much of the things given by those who support them were wasted.

I am not blaming you that it’s all your fault why you are not motivated to be inside your capacitive classes because I believe that there are other factors flowing freely in your minds but the point is, isn’t those efforts enough to let you think that you must also do your part? That part by which you can show how much you value the support you are receiving, the people who are giving this support. I am very much grateful of the people who have been supporting me right from the beginning of my tertiary education, my passport towards success.

They have motivated me to strive for excellence, to learn and to make a difference in my life and of others. I am here because I am not alone. My parents are always there for me. They have supported me with whatever I need – not Just financially but also those aspects that I needed most as I live this privilege – the encouragement, the moral support they have been giving to me is unwavering, endless, infinite. May I take this opportunity then to thank my parents. Ma and ATA, though you are not here because both of you are busy generating money for the studies of your three children, thank you very much for all the things you have given me.

The only thing that I can promise to you is that I will take care of you and my brother and sisters once I am able to receive my salary. Thank you to the administration for providing all of us the possible opportunities we can get as we learn, to all my subject teachers in this university since freshmen, I will not be able to reach what I am now and what I will be in the future if not because of all the things you have taught me – from my cognition, to motor skills and even my feelings.

To the School of Arts and Science where I have started, thank you very much for all those encouragement and recognition when I was in your school. To the School of Education, Ma’am Ella and Ma’am Tea, my two deans, I am very much grateful of he things I have learned from you – from speaking the English language talking to Ma’am Ella at the Dean’s office why I have shifted to Education to all the work ethics I have experienced with Ma’am Tea during the training.

To my Proofed teachers headed of course by our Mama, Ma’am Glenda, thank you also for those preparations you have provided me for my chosen profession. To the Mathematics family with our motherly head, Ma’am Annie. To my friends who are here, the senior education students especially to my co-majors who are always there to make me laugh Katie sobbing stress an nag maintaining naming, Dianna an Lang as taw at packaging, as o Almighty God who is always there to guide me in whatever decision or endeavor I am into.

All of what I have achieved is all for Your glory. I will always be thankful. I have been talking too much and I think I have to end now because some of you might have another appointment aside from this program. Let me leave a challenge to all who are in here through a quotation – “What you choose today changes all of your tomorrows. ” Choose to learn. Choose to be worthy of what you receive. Choose to be deserving. And, it is not a choice but a requirement: BE MOTIVATED. Thank you very much and congratulations to all of us.