A Look at the Writing Process

Behind every masterpiece lies the story it has undergone. Product reflects the process: this is actually true for some countless reasons. Yet because of too much attention we put over a certain outcome, we tend to overdo valuing it and forgot the outline of stories that shaped it. Writing is indeed a product spawned from a process: out from a canvas, someone can put colors, hue, and meaning to it by letting one’ idea be freed and stroke his thought over a piece of paper.

As a teacher of composition, I usually labelled the quality of my students based on the writing that they produced. For me, what they are is what they write. This could be the most convenient way in determining the few diamonds you have out from the number of pebbles that lay over your hand. Aside from this, it is also a great standard for you to able to know who among your students decipher the things you wanted them to do. There could be no wrong about it because that has been the archetype dictated to us by our culture. We are easily blinded by what our eyes can see more than the magnificent things fabricated within one’s work. But as I go along with my profession, I found out that I ‘am a bigger part of the chain of erroneous doings rooted from the previous soldiers who trained me to become like them.

What my students are experiencing in our writing classes are the things that I experienced also way back then, when I’ am also a trainee, but the only difference is that I’ am now the one holding the strings and they are puppets following my commands.Before, lines like “Write something about this,” ”within one-hour, finish your paper and submit it to ,””make a reflection about the lesson from”are the usual statements I can hear from my teacher: imperatives that have been a music in my ears and sooner became my everyday mantra. And after a perfect four years under the tutelage of the different soldiers of composition, I am now one of them play…