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A very common method of sexual abuse and forced labor is the system of human trafficking. Human trafficking dates back to the 1400’s, it mainly came to be when the white’s enslaved the African Americans. (2011, Timeline of Human Trafficking) To this day, human trafficking is very common. Every day, hundreds and thousands of children, women, and men are forced into a modern day slave acts. They get forced into commercial sex, hard labor, and even murdered just for the fun of it. Over 20.9 million people around the world are denied their freedom, of which 600,000-800,000 of them are in the US alone. (2017, Polaris: Human trafficking)  I believe human trafficking, forced labor, sex, and organ trafficking, is a major problem. Only 0.4% of victims in the US are rescued and brought back to safety. ( 2016, Number of Victims Rescued From Human Trafficking)  This proves that this problem needs more recognition and is majorly affecting the women and children of the U.S. The United States of America is doing the minimum amount for rescuing these children and women. This problem is getting worse and worse everyday and we need to find better solutions to solve this terrible problem. My three solutions to fix this problem are more complicated than they sound. For sex trafficking, organizations would need to make the phone number for sex trafficking more aware by the people. For forced labor, companies would need to hire a supervisor (by law) to make sure and keep track of the employees and heads. Lastly, for organ trafficking, every person that dies under the age of 45, would need to donate two major organs. If we just giver these solutions a try, we could end human trafficking. Human trafficking is one of the biggest problems in world history. Human trafficking is a problem, because raping women and children by at least 30 men a day (2016, Teen Girl’s Gang Rape by 30 Men)  and forcing (usually) men to work for 12 continuous hours with no break or money in return is just impetuously not okay. (2014,  Illness Forced His Mother to Sell Him into Slavery) We can not just sit back and watch the numbers of victims increase. In another three years or so, it could be your children, or even you forced into the horrible world of human trafficking. This is why it’s important to put a stop to these criminals. The U.S government is just watching the growing world of modern slavery and sex trafficking get bigger. They just let human rights abuse themselves with the most serious problem America, and the world, is facing. Although America isn’t the worst country, we still Human trafficking.   There are three main parts that make up the whole organization of the human trafficking world. Of those are, sex trafficking, forced labor, and the selling of other people’s organs. To prove how I could possibly prevent or decrease this sickening problem, I would need to talk about each individual part and come up with a solution for each part, because there’s no possible way for one solution to decrease the whole world of human trafficking.  Sex Trafficking- ” Sex trafficking is a type of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, including sexual slavery.” The heart of human trafficking is sex trafficking. Human trafficking mainly consists of stealing women, men and children and using them for sex slaves, rape, and illegal pornography. Although men and boys also get involved with sex trafficking, women and girls come to be about 96% of victims, whilst men and boys are a mere 4%. (2016, Equality Now: Victims of Sex Trafficking) Many times sex trafficking takes place is when people offer false jobs to women and girls such as, modeling, acting, dancing,etc. When these vulnerable women and girls are sucked into their American dream, reality hits them and they realize these men are just trying rape them and sell them off into foreign countries. For men and boys, it’s the same except they get offered high paying job, but upon their arrival they are abused and sold into the sex industry.  Many solutions to solve this problem have been proposed. Organizations have been made just for stopping sex trafficking such as, Guardian Group, Polaris Project, Not for Sale, ECPAT, Anti- Slavery International, IJM (International Justice Mission), USiaht, and many other helping organizations. Other solutions may come up to be as making people be more aware of the official human trafficking number (1-800-373-7888). Many people would argue that this number is too hard to remember and that we should make an alternative number, such as, 711. As if right now, organizations, the Polaris Project, is working on the new number. This way, if it would be as well known as “911” or “the upcoming football game”, it would show a huge increase in victims being rescued from sex trafficking. If we raised more awareness with the official number and educated children about human trafficking at a young age, this could possibly reduce the number of people pulled into human trafficking. Even the smallest acts such as recognizing your surroundings could help save a live. Next time you’re at the mall, basketball game, nail salon, gas station, etc, and you see a child by his or her self, approach them slowly and see if they match the following signs: Seems paranoid, avoids eye contact, signs of depression, inexplicable cuts or bruises, appears to be in a relationship with someone who is dominating, never answers owns questions, has no identification, doesn’t speak english, is under the age of 18, and if he/she is afraid of law enforcement, immediately get help. If people were to care more and knew about this awareness, sex trafficking would decrease by 16%. This would then make it 16.4% of human trafficking victims to be freed or prevented. (2017, USCOCB: How To Identify A Human Trafficking Victim) Many other ways are just logical thinking, if you’re a female, unable to fight for yourself, then carry around pepper spray or a taser. Don’t go out late at night and don’t fall for online websites promising “a better life”