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________________________________________Too much of everything is harmful. Some everyday things like water or even foods that seem completely harmless involve the power to kill.1. Let someone breathe air into your vagina.aboutDid you ever think that something harmless can kill you? Even if you decide to take a syringe full of air and blow it into your vagina for fun, get ready to die. When the air is blown with sufficient force, a deadly air embolism occurs that is the result of air bubbles entering the bloodstream.2. dry fluff.aboutExcessive use may cause lint to accumulate in the dryer, resulting in overheating and possibly fire.3. 120 cups of coffee.aboutIf you think of a bet where you drink as much coffee as possible, do not do it. Coffee can be harmless and good for you to feel alert, but it also has a dark side. Too much caffeine can cause many problems like insomnia, dizziness, vomiting and heart problems, sometimes it can be fatal.4. Six liters of water.aboutIt is known that excess water in and around body cells is water poisoning or hyponatraemia. When done with brain cells, compact neurons can not absorb extra water, resulting in some neurological problems, headaches, confusion attacks, and sometimes even death.5. Tylenol.aboutOr an overdose of acetaminophen will surely kill you. This ingredient is included in many medications that can lead to accidental overdose. According to research, there are about 60,000 cases of liver damage caused by acetaminophen annually.6. Pool, lakes, baths or any body of water literally.aboutAs harmless and vital as it may seem, water is deadly. Drowning is the third leading cause of death from unintentional injury around the world.7. 13 shots of alcohol in quick succession.aboutWe already know what alcohol abuse can cause us. But excessive alcohol consumption in a very short time can cause alcohol to clog the part of our brain responsible for breathing and consciousness.8. 85 chocolate bar.aboutAlthough it is not possible to eat this amount of chocolate at the same time, you should remember that the potentially lethal dose of “harmless” chocolate can kill you.9. High pressure cleaner.aboutDue to the very high pressure that you use to squirt water, if you accidentally point at a person, you can cause serious injury. It also includes other hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock, or making small objects can make dangerous projectiles.10. Minor cuts and scratches.aboutThey may seem harmless and important at first glance, but if not washed properly they can cause sepsis.11. Eat food.aboutDo you remember when President George W. Bush suffocated on a pretzel? How harmless! According to one report, suffocation is the eighth most common cause of death. Hot dogs are especially dangerous.12. The apple seedsaboutAn apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what about seeds that we could inadvertently devour? The seeds contain minimal amounts of sugar cyanide compound, which is converted into hydrogen cyanide toxin enough to kill it when it is processed in the body.