The United States Federal Communications Commission has recently planned to change the rules of the net neutrality which passed in 2015. Considering the fact, destroying the net neutrality may have the huge impact on the IT industry. It impacts both large organizations as well as the small businesses. As we all know most of the IT market is moving towards the cloud services. Cloud computing refers to the virtual management of information through the use of the Internet. It is the new form of data management and has been adopted in a wide range of uses such as personal, institutional, and industrial use. Cloud computing offers these services in one package that is easily accessible and affordable for everyone who wishes to manage their data efficiently. A user is only required to create an account online after which they can upload the information they want and protect it with a password. Cloud computing guarantees information safety and full access upon request.Assuming that company A is having a turnover of $1 Billion and as per FCC rules, eliminating the net neutrality may cause huge damage to the companies revenue. Large companies like ‘A’ ordinarily have a specially, arranged understandings set up in with ISPs that utmost or take out any throttling they can do. Undertakings that utilization a cloud supplier more than others can commonly get devoted lines introduced from the endeavor to the cloud supplier’s data center.The same way, if the small organizations whose turnover is less than the Company ‘A’ might get affected. Even though the internet service providers say that they wouldn’t throttle the small organizations, once the net neutrality comes to an end most of ISP’s move in favor towards the companies who are in favor to them.We should always keep an eye by monitoring the performance of the cloud-based services at regular intervals.New FCC rules may not only impact the enterprise applications but also impacts apps that are reachable Via cloud-based by slowing them down.