Marie-Laure LeBlanc lives in Paris. Her father is a locksmith who works
in a museum, in this chapter she learns about a diamond named the “Sea of
Flames”. The stone is rumored to be cursed so the owner of it will live an
eternal life however all his/hers loved ones be ruined from misfortune.

Marie-Laure’s father built a model of the neighborhood so that Marie-Laure
would learn to navigate the city by herself since she is blind. Marie-Laure
becomes a fan of science because it helps her rationalize and understand what
is going on. She learns by reading books in Braille. Marie-Laure and her father
are to evacuate Paris because there are rumors that Germany is invading France.

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Daniel LeBlanc carries the “Sea of Flame”, he is told that there is 3 replicas
given to different people but does not know if he is carrying the real diamond.


Werner Pfennig and his younger sister, Jutta live in an
orphanage in Zollverein, Germany. They live near a coal mine. Werner is curious
and intelligent. While Werner and Jutta were out exploring together, they found
a broken radio and brought it back to the orphanage. Werner studied the machine
and fixed it. Every night they would listen to Nazi propaganda and science. Werner
also found a book about mechanics, he is fascinated by it however it is
confiscated from him because the author is Jewish. He is told that he is going
to work in the mines just like all the boys in Zollverein when he turns 15.

However, he gets an unexpected chance to escape the coalmines when he fixes the
radio of rich and powerful man named Rudolf Siedler. Siedler is impressed by
the boy and writes a letter of recommendation to the school for Nazi