G?n?r?lly, m?st
h?rd ?ngin??ring c?unt?rm??sur?s w?r? n?t d?sign?d t? f?c? tsun?mi cr??t?d by high
m?gnitud? ??rthqu?k?. ?s ? r?sult, m?ny ?f th?m w?uld b? d?str?y?d,
?nd th? tsun?mi w?uld n?t b? st?pp?d. In 2011 J?p?n w?s hit by ? tsun?mi c?us?d
by th? bigg?st ??rthqu?k? in its hist?ry. ?v?n th? m?st tsun?mi-pr?t?ct?d ?r??s
in th? c?untry with high?st tsun?mi-?w?r?n?ss w?r? n?t pr?p?r?d t? f?c? such
dis?st?r. S? m?st ?f h?rd-?ngin??ring structur?s includ?d br??kw?t?rs, ?mb?nkm?nt
w?lls, w?t?r g?t?s ?nd c?ntr?l f?r?sts f?il?d t? pr?t?ct. Th? f?ilur? ?f h?rd ?ngin??ring
m?th?ds r?minds us th?t structur?l m??sur?s ?l?n? ?r? n?t ?n?ugh t? pr?t?ct c?mmunity
?nd pr?p?rti?s fr?m ? such dis?st?r. Whil? th?s? c?nstructi?n t?chniqu?s c?uld
r?duc? th? imp?ct, th?y sh?uld b? d?sign?d t? surviv? ?v?n wh?n th? tsun?mi ?v?rfl?ws.
C??st?l r?sid?nts sh?uld ?ls? und?rst?nd th? functi?n ?nd limits ?f h?rd structur?s.

?n this b?sis, n?n-structur?l m??sur?s,
such ?s m?nit?ring, ?r? v?ry imp?rt?nt t? pr?m?t? r?pid ?v?cu?ti?n in th? ?v?nt
?f ? tsun?mi. ?n ?d?qu?t? c?mmunic?ti?n syst?m f?r tsun?mi w?rnings ?nd m?r? ?v?cu?ti?n
?cc?mm?d?ti?n with ?v?cu?ti?n r?ut?s in g??d c?nditi?n c?uld supp?rt ? s?f? ?v?cu?ti?n
pr?c?ss. Th? c?mbin?ti?n ?f h?rd-?ngin??ring ?nd n?n-structur?l m??sur?s is v?ry
imp?rt?nt t? r?duc? th? l?ss during big tsun?mi.

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in 2011 th? first tsun?mi w?rning w?s ?nn?unc?d 3 minut?s ?ft?r th? ??rthqu?k? ?s
is n?rm?l. But und?r?stim?ti?n ?f ??rthqu?k?`s m?gnitud? c?us?d th? und?r?stim?ti?n
?f th? pr?j?ct?d tsun?mi h?ight. ?n?th?r pr?bl?m w?s th? in?ppr?pri?t? ?nn?unc?m?nt
?f tsun?mi ?bs?rv?ti?ns. ?ll ?bs?rv?d tsun?mi h?ights w?r? ?nn?unc?d b?s?d ?n
tim?, wh?n w?v?s w?r? still sm?ll, which l?d s?m? p??pl? t? b?li?v? th?t ?v?cu?ti?n
w?s unn?c?ss?ry. S?, it is ?ls? imp?rt?nt t? w?rk with l?c?l c?mmuniti?s t?
incr??s? th?ir ?w?r?n?ss ?nd giv? s?m? ?xp?ri?nc? ?nd inf?rm?ti?n ?b?ut tsun?mi.