One thing that
never stop to amaze me is how often the basic principles are ignored in expectations
that the small details will somehow make up for the lack of hard work. This is
true in AdWords. Competition change, Behavior changes and the search engine
change much more frequently. As a result, there is something to check and do
every hour of every day.

Google AdWords
the most effective advertising channels available to grow your business. If
you’re not cautious, you may give Google with too much control over your



Optimization technique


Automated bidding


The Smart
screen bids are targeted on Goal CPA in where the general performance data shows
the maximum probability of conversion. The bidding is automatically place higher,
and if there is a minimum chances of conversion, it’s set lower. The campaign
should start optimizing in 14 days or following 50 conversions, whichever
occurs first.


Note: Google
doesn’t guarantee to Conform into the goal CPA, it can fluctuate according to
different aspects.



Automated targeting


As the Name
Implies, the targeting Relies on monitoring which demographics, places, etc.  help in greater number of conversions to the

Smart display
campaigns cover two Targeting methods; automatic remarketing where
advertisements are targeted on the site traffic and automatic targeting where people
just above the purchasing step of the marketing funnel are all targeted.

If a
remarketing effort is already Generated in a different effort, the
advertisement with greater relevance shows up.


Notice: Avoid
heading for clever display Campaigns in case you’ve got a very specific target
audience in your mind.


Automated Advertising production

This feature
is similar to that of a Responsive advertisement. We enter the advertisement
copies, pictures, logos, etc. and google sets up it into different types,
shapes and sizes according to where the advertisement appears on the google
display system.


Benefits of Smart Screen


    A great deal of energy and time could be
saved as you need not create different ad sizes manually.

    A powerful conversion speed rate can be

    Smart display advertisements help you to
determine which of your advertisement copies or graphics have worked nicely for
your own brand.