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– 449 BCE the Greco- Persian Wars also called Persian wars started over a conflict
between Greece and Persia. The Persians was the largest empire in the world.
This Empire was stretching from Egypt all the way to India. Greeks were made up
of Sparta and Athens. The others who made an appearance in the war was the
Ionians. The Ionians were Greeks that lived on the coast of Turkey. They were
overruled by the Persians. This conflict lasted about six-year conflict known
as the Ionian Revolt. This war took place at Mainland Greece, Thrace, Aegean
Islands, Asia Minor, Cyprus and Egypt.

Darius was starting to expand into Europe and started to control Ionia, Thrace,
and Macedonia by the 5th century BCE. Some significant battles in
history were fought for example Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis, and Plataea
which became legendary. In the battle of Marathon, the Persians landed at the
Bay of Marathon about 25 miles from Athens. The Persians had many soldiers that
they undervalued the fighting abilities of the Greeks. The army of Athens
killed around 6,000 Persians and only losing 192 Greeks. After the war the
Athenians ran back to the city to prevent the Persians from attacking. This was
the beginning of the Marathon Running Race.

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revenge on the Greeks was being performed. King Xerxes which was the son of
Darius I. He sent over 200,000 soldier and about 1,000 warships. At the battle
of Thermopylae, the Greeks had a small force that was being led by Spartan King
Leonidas I and 300 Spartans. They decided to locate at a narrow pass in the
mountains to meet the Persians where the Greeks killed Thousands of them. Many
Greek troops were asked to flee which made the small force even smaller. The
Spartans fought to the death and were determined to make another stand against
the Persians. Persians continued to march on Greece. The Persians were determined
to get to Athens, when they arrived the found it deserted. The Athenians were
waiting off the coast by the island of Salamis. Small Athenians ships were
attacked by the Persian Fleet which meant victory for them, however some
Athenians ships were called Triremes which were rapid and maneuverable. They
rammed the sides of the Persian ships and automatically sunk them. That caused
Xerxes to go back home to Persia. At the Battle of Plataea was the final land
battle that started at 479 BC. The war was near the city of Plataea which was
northwest of Athens. The Greeks were always outnumbered by the Persians. During
this battle the Persians were under Mardonius’s command. He tried to always break
up the Greek alliance by offering peace to Athens. He chose the location due to
wide open plains and made a great battlefield. When at battle field the Greeks
took the Persians off guard by not attacking when they were expected to. The Persians
used their cavalry to cut the Greek supply lines, Mardonius saw an opportunity
to attack the Greeks but the Greeks repelled; during that fight General
Mardonius was killed, and that’s what ended the whole war.

reasons why the Greeks won the Persians Wars because of they had great long spears
which is an irrelevant reason but the Greeks were great at defense. They used
bronze shields which worked out great in their favors. Everything the Greeks
had was made out of bronze. The Greek soldiers were trained at a very young age
and were great fighters. They always started a quick march, were in full equipment
and after many hours before a battle they were able to figure out their
defensive positions before the Persians arrived. Another reason why the Greeks
won was because their forces were under command of the most amazing military geniuses
of their time. The Greeks were the underdogs that’s why they won. They never
gave up.