important reading is but often they
themselves don’t have a grasp on what literature of science is. “We murder to
dissect” this quote might explain how we tend to kill something to find out the
truth about it. Like a piece of writing we summarize it and break it down to understand
what the true meaning of it actually is. And in a way Cooper dissecting human
bodies was his way of truly understand how human bodies work. Human beings who
work as a chemist or mathematician or in any form of science will understand
the difficulties and disgusts that they might have had to struggle with will
know how this feel.

Bruin describes Cooper “on a ward round as
like a florist tending to his flowerbeds.” Like the author says we have to
always admire the beauty and the utility of those forms in the construction of
the body in which the imagination of human would lead them. To see heaven in
the pursuit of science is crucial because you need to enjoy it just as well to
perform it the right way. Cooper started with digging up his own bodies to
people doing it for him. Burch tells us how Cooper operated on humans without
any anesthetic or painkillers and even though morphine and alcohol were available
he believed that not utilizing them reduced their chances of survival. Cooper
made a name for himself. In the anatomical world cooper found beauty, in  his experiments involving animals he built
his knowledge and skills and found somewhat of a weird pleasure and found joy in
practicing surgery.