Energy Resource

Many people do not realize energy is not endless and at some point it may become an extinct resource. American??™s as a whole do not do a good job of conserving energy and University neighborhood is not doing any better. If we do not start conserving and looking at alternate ways to create energy we may not have resources to create energy in the future. This would be detrimental for us and future generations. Conserving energy now is vital and I think University neighborhood can really do its part by implementing our own conservation methods within our neighborhood.
There are two types of energy available. The first is non-renewable energy which is what most of our neighborhood currently uses. We rely on fossil fuels/gas to power our homes and appliances. The energy companies use gas to create the power we need to function. The problem with this is gas is non-renewable and cannot be reproduced. Once this resource is gone it is gone.
Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are also available to our neighborhood. These two methods of energy are not used as much because they are more expensive to install upfront; however, over the long run these types of energy sources are renewable and will never run out. They are also cheaper sources of energy. Renewable energy sources never run out as they are continually renewed because wind and sun can never be completely consumed.
University neighborhood citizens can implement energy conservation in several different ways. Three easy ways we can all start doing our part to conserve energy are limiting the use of electronics, working together to install solar panels in our neighborhood to reduce the amount of gas we are using, and start replacing our appliances with energy efficient models.
Limiting our use of power and electronics is something we all can do fairly easily. If we limit the amount of time we run our television, radio??™s, lights, and other household electronic devices we will have an impact on the amount of energy being used. All of us working together to do this will have a large impact on the amount of power being used in our neighborhood. If we all pitch in to install solar panels the expense will not be such a burden for one person. We all can benefit from the solar power which would result in lower power bills for all of us. Buying energy efficient appliances to replace our old ones will also help conserve power and reduce our power bills. It is a win-win.
We can also contact the state government to see if there are any grants available to our neighborhood to help us with the cost of installing solar. When we buy energy efficient appliances we can take advantage of the rebate programs the government has put in place for this. The government is giving us incentives to conserve energy and reduce our use. The rebates they are offering range from twenty-five dollars to well over three hundred dollars depending on the type of appliance.
In conclusion, our neighborhood has the ability to help reduce the energy footprint America is currently creating. We can put to use renewable energy resources and limit our use of gas powered energy. All of us working together will help make a larger impact than just one or two of us. Together we can make a difference and help save energy for our children and grandchildren??™s generations. I know, University neighborhood citizens love to give back and do the right things. Let??™s do the right thing and conserve energy, the environment, and reduce our reliance on gas. We all win if we all work together!