Energy Conservation

Energy ConservationAxia College of University of PhoenixEnergy ConservationToday we sat with the children in the house, working on the computer, watching television, and running the heater. The lights were on, the oven is on, and the hot water running for a bath. How are all the items running, and why are they all on at the same time Electricity runs our house, fossil fuels run the world, and we just keep consuming like they will be here forever. We use gas to drive our cars 80 miles to and from work, gas to heat up the biggest hot water heater on the market for hot showers, and we tear up beautiful country side to drill for gas. So what can we do to conserve our land, to conserve our non renewable energy, and to conserve our glorious way of life for years to comeWhat is the problem with using natural gas, oil, or coal Most American??™s do not think about what sort of damage fossil fuels are doing to our environment. If they did know, they might be considering switching the way they use energy.

Fossil fuel, otherwise known as nonrenewable energy, is in finite supply. We will run out it is just a matter of when. There are other types of energy we should be investing our money in. Not only are they better for the environment, but they are much more efficient and are of infinite supply. How great would it be to not have to worry about the future of our families, our communities, and our earth We would not have to worry if their houses are heated up in the winter or they have warm food on the table, all we have to do is conserve the energy we have by investing in new efficient renewable energy. So, what is renewable energy and how does it work