Ending Child Poverty

Ending Child Poverty
Plan International, to most people these are just two words put together on a piece of paper. But, to thousands of children in poverty around the world, Plan International is like a guardian angel sent to grant these children a second chance. Founded almost 75 years ago, Plan International is one of the oldest and largest child development organizations in the world. Expanding across the globe, Plan has worked in over 50 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas to help promote the rights of children and build a foundation that will help the children out of poverty. In 2012 alone, Plan has worked with 84 million children in 90,131 communities. Their vision is simply to help all children realize their full potential in societies that respect rights and dignity. As poverty is growing ever stronger in our societies today (not just third world countries) the importance of organizations like Plan International is vital in helping families and children escape poverty. Teaching children to be aware of what their full potential can be is going to help them in the long run, not only are they going to understand how to carry themselves respectfully, they will know the necessary steps to take in order to help their families stay away from poverty.
Plan International covers several different problems which are caused by being in poverty and the first is one of the most important, education. Almost every city in America and around the world has been hit by some form of poverty, not everyone is affected, but poverty is still present. One way to help avoid being placed in or help getting out of poverty is receiving an education. Having any form of education today is like handing someone the keys to a new car; education has easily become the most important tool towards success. Again, education is one of the most powerful tools in breaking the cycle of poverty. Plan International places a big emphasis on education, their work in countries around the world ensure free and equal access to quality education at all times. Plan focuses on three major strategies that help improve the quality of education, they promote ideal learning environments for children, they increase the quality of skills and knowledge of the teachers and finally they provide cultural and gender relevant lessons that provide essential life-skills training. Much like many neighborhoods around the world, Plan strives to create a child learning environment (elementary school) that holds an effective influence on the children. Having an education is more important than ever in our societies today and ensuring that every child is given a fair shot will help them on their journey to success.
Thanks to Plan International, several thousand children have been saved due to the health programs placed in the communities that needed them the most. Every child at any age deserves the right to a healthy start in their lives; there are many things that poverty stricken countries lack that would allow them to stay and be healthy. Without the health programs many of the poverty stricken children wouldn??™t stand a chance against diseases or starvation, but Plan ensures that the children are up to date on immunizations, nutrition and are aware of the importance of good hygiene. Many children today are faced with life threatening illnesses and many times they are not given the proper treatment and end up very sick or possibly deceased. Being healthy is very important because it increases the overall enjoyment of life, no child should have to suffer from a curable illness just because their community is in poverty and no child should be excluded from treatment based on income of their family. On top of ensuring that the children are safe and healthy from disease, Plan International creates and promotes maternal and reproductive health, with a major emphasis on the prevention of HIV. The work includes setting up camps that teach people the necessities for birth attendants, which has decreased the amount of infant and mortality rates. Next to education, being healthy is vital to increasing the amount of potential these children have and increasing their chances of living a successful and poverty free life.
Aside from education and health, protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence is the main focus in creating a safe and positive environment for the children. The problem with this is that it is present not only in the poverty stricken countries that are supported by Plan International but in almost every community on the planet. Too many times are there children with abusive or violent parents who are subject to neglect and daily beatings from either parent. But, the true problem lies in that fact that many upscale neighborhoods (compared to the poverty stricken countries) have the means in which to support children who are the subject of abusive parents. No child deserves to have pain inflicted on them in any form, from anybody (unless it is necessary like a medical procedure). What Plan International does is set up not only short-term solutions but long-term solutions to the violence problems that plague some of these countries. Plan delivers many programs that teach people the importance of child safety and the necessity for child safety in the community. Programs cover child trafficking, corporal punishment in schools and many others. It is a fact that the children that grow up to be murderers or criminals have been subject to some sort of abuse as a child. The children of the world are our future; it is as simple as that, ensuring that they are safe wherever they go is very important in their development.
Plan International is simply our class, Sociology 350: Cultural Diversity, in a nut shell. This organization covers a vast amount of topics that are discussed throughout our course. Starting with education, in our societies??™ today education is the main key to success for anybody. Over the past couple of years education has been at the top of many young peoples??™ discussion list. As schools across the globe have become impacted, the tuition at many of these schools has gone through the roof leaving many students in debt and just trying to cling on so they can finish their education. On the brighter side at least the possibility of an education is available to the many people that live in better privileged areas. Plan International ensures that, just like us, the children that live in poverty stricken countries are given the opportunity to receive a proper education so that they can go on to live better lives than what is planned out for them. Another problem that affects our society is health care, so many people in America are left without health care do to the cost, but again, there is still the factor that is available to us. In many poverty stricken countries they don??™t even know what health care is. Plan International helps provide the essentials for fighting illnesses in these countries. Now, they aren??™t setting up full running hospitals but they are giving the people access to necessary training and tools in order to stay as healthy as possible. The great thing about Plan International is that it does not discriminate, any race, gender and or country is on the list at Plan International. Many organizations focus on just one specific group of people and while that is great and all, Plan helps to ensure that every child in any country will receive help (if needed).
A brief look at Plan International shows that it covers many topics that are addressed throughout our class, while reading up on what exactly they do; the topics covered became clearer. Our society, with all its privileges and all, has many problems that need to be addressed. It seems a bit contradictive to help promote ways to fix the problems in poverty stricken countries when we as a society cannot implement them ourselves. Our communities still face severe problems that place many people and children in tough situations like debt, unemployment and education just to name a few. Our own communities need the ideas and efforts that Plan International possess in order to help fix our own problems as well. So, in conclusion, the efforts of Plan International are by far some of the best there is to offer. So many children worldwide are affected by this organization (in a good way) and they are given an equal opportunity for a successful future. Plan International has created a well constructed foundation that many privileged countries should incorporate in their efforts to banish poverty from their communities, and who knows maybe one day a child that has been subject to the offerings of Plan International may just be the one to solve the poverty problems across the globe.