Employee Privacy Report

Employee Privacy Report
Sarah Martin
March 18, 2010
Fred Steingraf
Employee Privacy Report
* As a teacher, one needs to use e-mail a lot. It is an easier way to communicate with others and get a quick response back. There are times that a message needs to get to someone on a different site. How is a person supposed to get a hold of someone on a different site without knowing if that person is in his or her office They cannot. A sent and received e-mail message is recorded. An e-mail also gives the assurance of the message getting to the person needing it.
* Much of the staff working at a school district will use the internet. A common reason would be missing work. A school district has a system called ???Subfinder.??? When someone in most positions will miss work, they call this system and can request a substitute for that time-period. There is also the matter of accounts. These things are on the district network system so that anyone in those particular departments can access and work on things without getting it from someone else. To make things easier for teachers and other required staff, Individual Education Plans are able to be accessed and created through the internet as well. Before, each person involved in the creation of the Individual Education Plan would have to do his or her portion and then get it to another person to complete his or her portion. This would take quite a while. Now each person can just go on the internet, filling out his or her portion at the same time, and when completed someone just prints it out. This also helps with the legibility. When staff had to write Individual Education Plans by hand, it was done using carbon copy. With so many people involved in writing this plan, it is sometimes hard to read some portions. By doing it over the internet, the writing is all typed and a person can print up as many copies as is needed.
* Privacy policies are very important. They are not taken lightly. Individual Education Plans are only open to a small handful of people. These people include the teacher, instructors assistant, therapists and councilors, school nurse, principle, and parents. If there is a substitute, they are not allowed to access the plans. A teacher has to leave them a note with the appropriate information needed to teach the class.
* Other companies and businesses use e-mail to communicate not only with their employees but with their customers as well. If a person shops at Wal-Mart, they can order things over the internet. He or she can choose to have their items shipped to their local store with no shipping charge. One gets an e-mail letting them know that the items are on the way to his or her chosen location. They also receive an e-mail to inform him or her that the items are ready for pick-up. Businesses are able to use the internet and e-mail to better serve their customers as well as keeping in touch with their suppliers. It can be very difficult get in touch with someone. There can be times that a customer or supplier does not answer a phone call. If he or she does not have an answering machine or voicemail, a business will be unable to notify him or her of something important. Using e-mail can get a message to the customer or supplier. Another reason companies use the internet would be to order supplies from their suppliers. There are times where an emergency occurs and certain supplies are required at short notice. Using the internet, a company is able to order these supplies and have them shipped in a timely fashion.
* Currently, the district has very few regulations or rules regarding employee e-mail or internet privacy. Employees can check and send personal e-mails as long as it does not affect his or her daily duties. Staff can send and receive business e-mails at anytime. The students have stricter guidelines. Certain sites are blocked from being accessed. If he or she is doing an internet search for research purposes, certain words or phrases are blocked. These kinds of things are put into place to stop students from accessing inappropriate sites. There are times when a student is doing research for a school related assignment and these regulations prevent them from accomplishing this. When this happens, the staff can intervene and log onto the system with their own password. This will allow certain words and phrases to go through. When the staff has to do this, he or she is required to stay where they can see what the student is doing. This is another regulation that will protect the district.
* Actions done at a company or business can cause that company or business to be held liable. Due to this, companies and businesses chose to implement privacy policies. If a student accesses an inappropriate site, such as porn, the district as well as the staff can be sued. These days, there is no extra money in the districts. If one is sued, they will most likely have to close down schools and layoff more staff. If this happens, there will be even more students that fall through the cracks. Internet and e-mail policies are put into effect to stop things such as these from happening.
* Employees at businesses and companies do not really read word for word the policy papers he or she is required to read and sign at the time of hire. He or she most likely skims the document or just skips it and signs any ways. There are some positions that employees do not think there are any problems with privacy. He or she might think that they are able to do whatever he or she wants, whenever he or she wants. This is not true. If an employee does not read the privacy policy when he or she is hired, they can get into trouble. There are always differences in opinions of what falls under private and what does not. This is the reason employees are required to read and sign the privacy policy at the time of hire. The privacy policy spells out the policy in detail so that there are no misunderstandings. If an employee has a problem with a policy, they are to make it known at that time and get it solved. If he or she does not, then he or she has no reason to not follow the regulations his or her business has put into place.