Embarassing Moment

i] Title: At Dawn
*ii] Beginning: ???With my bloody arm against the wall and the shadow receding in the glaring light, I was *left??¦
Date and time??”nature of the natural calamity— extent of the disaster—causes— panic—epidemic— areas affected— local accounts—- action by authorities and NGOs— steps to avoid such a calamity—
*2] They think that we are unaware of their ploy. (begin*: They are of??¦)
3] You may think it very difficult a task to do but it is not as tough as you think it to be.
* (begin*: ???It is??¦)
4] ???Why are you wondering whether you are going to score the right marks in this test Now is not the time to
*5] Place the order immediately. ( end*: ???immediately???)
*6] Hardly had I stepped in when they began to scream. (begin*: No??¦)
*7] Mr. Keepintouch* met Mrs. *Notagain* after ages. (*end*: ???*Slenderous*???)
*8] I am sure that you people will achieve great grades when it really matters. (use* the noun form of ???achieve???)
*9] Besides winning the prize for elocution, she won the award for debating. ( begin*: ???Not only??¦)
*10] ???Are you going to take a break for the festive season this year I hope not.??? Miss Sunshine told Mrs. Dullday*. *( join* the sentences without using quotes)
ii] Mrs. Spoon is not going to let _ her culinary secrets to anyone.
iii] She is sitting _ the midst of her mates and sorting _ all her own problems.
iv] His eloquence set him _ from the rest of his colleagues. He is a class cut _ the rest.
*v] It* is 2:20 am _ my watch and I am wondering when I am going to finish_ this paper.
IV. Read the following passage carefully and answer the subsequent questions:
* One fine spring afternoon, the old man rocking on his chair, relentless in his usual quest* of God, saw a young girl playing across the street. The little girl??™s ball rolled into the man??™s yard. She ran to pick it up and as she bent down to reach **for the ball, she looked at the old man and said,??? Mr. Old Man, I see you everyday rocking in your chair and staring into nothing. What is it that you are looking for???
Oh, my dear child, you are yet too young to understand, replied the old man.
* ???Maybe,??? replied the young girl, ???but my Mamma always told me if I had something in my head I should talk about it. She says to get a better understanding. My Mamma always says, ???Miss Lizzy* share your thoughts??™. Share, share, *share* my Mamma always says.???
* Oh, well Miss Lizzy* child, I do not think that you could help me,??? grunted **the old man.
???Possibly not, Mr. Old Man, Sir, but maybe I can help just by listening.???
* ???All right, Miss Lizzy* child, I am looking for God.???
???With all due respect,** Sir, you rock back and forth in that chair day in and day out in search of God??? Miss *Lizzy* asked bewildered.
???Why, yes. I need to believe before my death that there is a God. I need a sign and I have yet to have seen one,??? said the old man.
With one hand on his hip and the other one flailing about the air, Lizzy* continued, ???Mamma says, *??? *Lizzy*, if you are searching for something monumental, you have closed your eyes because to see God is to see simple things, to see God is to see life in all things. That is what Mamma says.???
* Miss Lizzy*, walking back across the street, turned to the old man and smiled. Then as she bent down to smell the flowers, she shouted, ???Mamma always says, if you are looking for something monumental, you have closed your eyes.
*2. *Answer each of the following questions in your own words:
a) How, do you think, would the old man have supposed to have seen God (2?)
c) What must the girl have thought when she first heard the man speak (2)
*d) Do you think that the man learnt his lesson eventually (2) * 3. In *not more than hundred words*, state what the passage teaches us. Give suitable illustrations. (10)
* {note*: * Time your work accordingly so that you have ???revision time??? as well.
* Presentation of your paper should be good, at least.
* Put a topic for your precis.}