Statement of Intent Page 4-5
Parts List Page 6
Researching Parts Page 7-10
* Semiconductors Page 7
* Capacitors Page 8
* Resistors Page 9-10
Time Management Plan Page 11
Software Page 12-13
* Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Google Chrome Page 12
* Google, Adobe Photoshop, Eagle Page 13
* Equipment Page 14-16
* Printer/Scanner Cannon Page 14
* Camera Pentax Page 15
* Thumb Drive Imation Page 16
* Tools Page 17-22
* Soldering Board, Soldering Iron Page 17
* Solder, Soldering Sponges Page 18
* Screwdrivers, Long nose pliers, Wire Striper Page 19
* Side Cutters, Bench Grinder, Tig Welder Page 20
* Hammer, Scriber, Hacksaw Page 21
* Bench Vice, Drill Press, Drill Bit Page 22

Circuit Diagram Page 23
Researching bracket Page 24
Mounting Bracket Design Page 25
Problems Page 26
Log Book Page 27-30

My Statement Of Intent
The intention of this project is to present a working Bicycle taillight led flasher. This led flasher will be placed on the back of a mountain bike or a BMX bike. It could be placed on the back of a trailer. I am making the bicycle tail light LED Flasher to place on the back of my bike for riding at night, it is to show that there is a bike on the road or footpath. When the cars see that there is a flashing light ahead they will be able to know that it is a bike with a tail light LED flasher.
I could also place it on the front of my bike so I could see what??™s in front of me. Therefore I would have to make a mounted bracket for the handlebars instead of placing it under the seat.

Parts List
Semi Conductors
2 68R ? W 5% CARBON FILM
1 12K ? W 5% CARBON FILM
1 100K ? W 5% CARBON FILM

A? semiconductor? is a material that has an? electrical conductivity? due to flowing electrons which is half of the size between that of a conductor? and an? insulator.
Devices made from semiconductor materials are radios, computers, telephones, and many other devices. Semiconductor devices include the various types of? transistor,? solar cells. The light emitting diode is one of many diodes that are a semiconductor device, other diodes include the silicon controlled rectifier, and digital and analog integrated circuits.? 

National Semiconductor

Transistor that will be used in my project
The LED light I will be using in my project


Capacitors consist of two conductors separated by an insulator. Energy is stored in the insulator when voltage comes across the conductors to start a static electric field.
Direct current is blocked to allow alternate current to pass when a capacitor is inserted into an electronic circuit.

The Capacitors being used in my job.
Typical electrolytic capacitors

Resistors are neither the insulators nor the conductors, they are somewhere in between allowing the current to flow. The lower the resistor the more current can flow. Having a limit current to values is essential in knowing to stop the components getting damaged.
12k ohms
1k ohms
68 ohms
100k ohms

The two different kinds of symbol used in the circuits are they American kind and the European kind.

American European

Time Management Plan
| Term 2 Week 4 | Term2 Week 6 | Term 2 Week 8 | Term 2Week 9 | Term 3 Week 2 | Term 3Week 5 | Term 3 Week 6 | Term 3 Week 7 | Term 3 Week 8 |
Pre- Construction | | | | | | | | | |
Research about parts of job | | | | | | | | | |
Research about bracket | | | | | | | | | |
Build the job | | | | | | | | | |
Build the bracket | | | | | | | | | |
Post- Construction | | | | | | | | | |

I am using windows 7 made by Microsoft which was released to the public in July of 2009, I am using windows 7 because it is the quickest operating system, and I like the style of windows, before I had windows vista before that windows XP, so just staying with windows.

Microsoft Office

The word processor I will be using to type up my project is Microsoft office, Microsoft office word 2009. It is the latest word processing program I am able to afford at this point in time. The font being used in my text is Calibri (body) and the font is 14, I chose the 14 font because it??™s real easy to read and I like to read big writing I don??™t like to look close into the page to read some writing, so size 14 is a good font size to read.

Google Chrome

I will be using Google Chrome internet browser to research my work with, it is the quickest & most efficient internet browser, and I like the tabs that come with the browser, it??™s easy to access what you want.

Google is good because it helps us find many things. It was created in 1990 and was an absolutely amazing piece of equipment to use on the internet. It is also the most popular search engine, if somebody ask you to search something, you say Google it. Google has just become a word you use to say to people when they want to know something.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop? is a? graphics editing program? developed and published by? Adobe Systems, you can do many things with this program, you can manipulate pictures with it, you can create new pictures out of nothing, you can touch up some photos, and the sky is the limit for what you can do with adobe Photoshop. I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 extended version 11 to fix a few of my photos up for my project portfolio.


Eagle is a program designed by CadSoft to design your own circuit board then you can print them of. This program is smarter then you are, and is difficult to use. But if u only want to make a simple circuit diagram that should not be too hard.

I used the Canon Pixma Mp500 to print of my work.
Canon Inc.? is a Japanese? multinational corporation? that specializes in the produce of imaging and optical products, including cameras,? photocopiers,? steppers? and? computer printers.
The MP500 is easy to use and is a good machine if you want to do a range of things such as make cards, print different photo sizes for frames or print labels onto CDs and DVDs.



I used my mum??™s Pentax Optio M50 to take the photos of my job and my mounting bracket.
The Pentax Optio M50 is a compact digital camera with a 5X zoom, the? Optio M50? shows its stylish design at a reasonable price. You are guaranteed with high resolution images with its 8.0 megapixel lense and 2.5 inch wide view LCD.
This camera is a really good hand held camera to carry around with you, its nice and steady to take pictures. I like this camera with its 5x zoom, for its price that is a good value for money.

Thumb Drive

Imation? is a US based Multi-national Corporation? that designs, manufactures, sources and markets a wide range of recordable data storage media and consumer electronics products.
The thumb driver or flash drive is a little device used to store information on it. Files such as music, videos, documents, pictures, program, software and applications.
I used the Imation 256 megabyte flash drive to get the eagle project and the research from school. When I get home I will place the flash drive into the Usb 2.0 port and drag the files into the folder electronics work

The tools I used in my job are as following: Soldering board. Soldering Iron, Solder, Sponges, Screwdrivers. Long nice pliers, Side cutters, Bench Grinder, Tig Welder, Hammer. Scriber, Hack saw, Vice, Drill Press & Drill Bit
Soldering Board
A soldering board holds a clamp, a soldering iron holder, and a place for the sponges sit, when you need to wipe your soldering iron. I used the clamp on the board to hold my circuit board in place why I soldered my component into place.

Soldering Iron
A? soldering iron? is a? hand tool usually used in? soldering. It supplies heat to melt the? solder? so that it can flow into the joint linking two work pieces.
A soldering iron is composed of a heated metal tip and an insulated handle. Heating is often achieved electrically, by passing an electrical current through the resistive material of a? heating element.? 
The soldering iron was an essential tool for my job, if I did not have a soldering iron I would not be able to complete my job therefore I would fail my project.

The solder I used to solder my components in with was the tin/lead, was 40% tin and 60% lead. The tin/lead solder is widely used in electronics, used for the circuit boards and soldering in components, because it is a soft solder, you can break it with your hands, the solder I used is 2 millimeters thick.

Soldering Sponges
The sponge is used to clean the tip of the soldering iron before and after using the soldering iron. You will need to clean the soldering iron tip with the sponge so that there won??™t be blobs of burnt solder on the tip.
They sponges come in various designs, you can get ones with holes in it, or one big whole, but the schools sponges just consist of a square sponge which is put into the sponge holder on the soldering board.

The two types of screwdrivers I used in my job are the flat and the Phillips head screwdrivers. The sizes of them were about medium size, not to big not to small just in the middle. I used them to unscrew the top of my led flasher, and screw my circuit board into the bottom of the led flasher, then the top of it went on to hold it all in place.

Long Nose Pliers
The long nose pliers are used to grip the wire at one end while you pull the other end with a wire stripper. The long nose pliers are also good to hold components in while you solder them in.

Wire Stripper
I used the wire stripper to strip the casing of the wire to reveal the 12 little wires inside the casing. I need to striper the casing of so I will be able to solder the wire in for it to work with the circuit board.

Side Cutters
The side cutters are for cutting wire and or cutting soft solder. They may also be used to cut the legs of the component parts.

Bench Grinder
The bench grinder is used to grind down metal that may have had jagged ends, or u would like to make the end of the piece of metal sharp or rounder. I used the bench grinder for my bracket to grinder back the welds that were not supposed to be there.

Tig Welder
The Tig welder is used to join metals together, in this case I joined the nut from my job to the base of my mounting bracket, so that the nut would stay there when I screwed my Led flasher onto it.

The hammer was used with the vice to bend my bracket into shape. The hammer can also be used to hammer in nails, can be used to flatten material.

The scriber was used to mark out where I will begin to bend my job with the hammer and vice. Was also used to mark out where I would drill my holes for the screws.

The hacksaw was used in my job to saw of the material I needed to make the bracket for my job. The hacksaw can also be used to cut other materials such as aluminum and mild steel.

Bench Vice
The Bench vice is used to hold materials to cut, bend, grind, file and hold materials while the dry from getting painted. I used the vice to bend my bracket into place.

Drill Press
A drill press is a motor driven piece of machinery that lowers and raises a rotating tool into work pieces. A drill press is an upright-standing, fixed drill that can be mounted on a cabinet or to the floor. Drill presses can perform a number of duties in a workshop such as, drilling holes into my bracket. And making the hole for the bottom of my led flasher bigger for the switch to fit through.

Drill Bit
The drill Bit used for my job was the 10 millimeter drill bit, I used this drill bit to drill the hole for the tighten bolt up the top of my bracket.
Circuit Diagram

This circuit diagram I made in the Eagle software.

Researching Bracket
My research for my bracket started in term2 week 6, I looked at all the possibilities of a bracket on the internet. But none were what I was after, but then I came across a bracket I saw on the back of kids??™ bikes. It looked like this.

These are reflectors; I got my idea from these reflectors. Its simple enough to do. So I decide to go with this for my bracket. All I needed was some metal which I got from school and I was ready to build my bracket.

Mounting Bracket Design

My Log Book
I received my K10007EP bicycle tail light led flasher project on the 31st of May 2010, I looked through the book to see what I was going to build. I thought it was going to be a fairly easy project to complete.
I first started to fill the booklet out. I opened the box of my parts, and opened on page 6 of contain the parts list. I checked to see of all the parts were there. The 7 semiconductors check, 2 capacitors check, 5 resistors check, 5 miscellaneous items check.
Went back to the Pre-Constriction notes, and filled all those answers in. Filled brief description of 5 other possible design considerations, the component recognition containing the resistors, capacitors, transistors & light emitting diodes also known as LED??™s.
Then reading the circuit diagram came into play next, I looked at the circuit diagram and analyzed it thoroughly, then filled it out. About 5mis to the school bell rang, I put all my parts back in the box, and placed the booklet in my bag and took it home.
I came back on Wednesday the 2nd of June to get back into my project, and started to read the construction notes and dot some of them down in my electronics book. Only the important points were writing down, I came to a diagram while reading, scaling the circuit board. 70mm length and 25mm width. I drew this diagram into my book and then kept on reading.

The 4th of June came, it was a Friday, and I was till under the preconstruction of my job. I was still reading the booklet and filling the booklet out. The booklet was only good for taking up time, and also to learn some things about the job.

On the 7th of June I was having electronics, doing some research about components in the electronics funway book, this book had a lot of knowledge. I dotted down some points about semiconductors. Then the bell rang.
On the 9th of June I researched about capacitors. And put some notes down into my book.
On the 11th of June the resistors were next to research. I got out the