Effective Teaching and Learning

Pre-course task

What do you believe are the characteristics of effective teaching and learning

A reflection on learning.

Through my teaching and learning experiences, I have attempted and witnessed a number of successful leaning styles. For example visual learning, kinaesthetic learning, auditory learning or combinations of those have been used by my students, peers and me. I cannot promote one as being more beneficial than another as individuals will find success using different styles. Personally, I see myself as a kinaesthetic learner. This tactile style of learning perhaps comes from my interest and participation in sport or from the pleasure that one gains from completing a task. Having said this, although I enjoy learning through physically completing tasks, I have found myself using a combination of learning strategies. During exam preparations for example, precise note taking and pictures work well for me. Relying on one method learning, for example lecture based learning usually becomes boring, tiresome and eventually concentrations level fall. In-addition the task at hand would be characterised as being difficult.

The value of physical education in a young person??™s education.

In my view the most important value of physical education on students is to promote a healthy lifestyle. If the teacher can entice individuals to increase participation in sport from an early age, and deliver key elements of theory, competition, fun, health and leadership, then I believe that teacher has made a positive impact to a young person??™s education. In-addition, if the teacher can influence the young person to participate in sport or the health industry when leaving school, then I believe that teacher has exposed all the values of PE to the student. From my experiences, PE is valued highly by most students because it is one of the few subjects that allow individuals to be challenged physically and mentally. However, what appears to be the most exhilarating factor to the subject is its ability to create competition and increase adrenaline. I have also experienced students to see PE as a way to escape or relieve pressures of other subjects. Furthermore, another important value which is perhaps not documented as much as it should be is the way PE is used to bring young people together in a positive surrounding, and gives students a more effective way to use their time and energy; especially in areas that are not as affluent or are of a lower economic status. Therefore I believe PE is of value to any young person because the sports and activities that are introduced at 11-16years, are the sports that those individuals should participate in after school.

Implications for effective teaching and successful schools.

Reflecting on my style of learning and those that I have taught conclude with the implications that effective teaching should appreciate all the styles and understand the importance of how individuals react to different styles. Therefore the teachers need to provide learners with a variety of experiences in schools which will allow them to fully engage both on the field and in the classroom, and ultimately create success. My teaching experiences have illustrated a range of personalities amongst young people and the large amount of external influences they have which will most definitely effect their education and maturity. Thus for schools to be successful they need to show areas of social intelligence and make attempts to be aware of every resource available to stimulate learning across the board. Another implication is that schools need to understand the value and impact of physical education on a young person??™s life and encourage students to understand the effects of PE whilst at school and after school.

In summary, I believe the characteristics of effective teaching and learning are that the teacher should identify early on which teaching style will suit the classroom. They should aim to incorporate and introduce a variety of teaching styles to cater for the range of learners. Most importantly, the teacher would need to keep their content current so that students can empathise and enjoy learning of that teacher. The teacher can only do this if they are given freedom from the school to trial and error different teaching methods and find a style that is successful to all.

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