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In 2012 there are still rivers of social issues that plague adolescents from teen pregnancies to gang culture violence in the inner cities. One teacher asserts that, this is one of the most fascinating cities to live in.??? However, I have noticed that the streets are full of violence, and home invasions are a common place. Although, conflict resolution intervention efforts might appear to be only the tip of the iceberg for addressing some of the major causes for adolescent pregnancies and gang violence, this is certainly a start in the right direction. As the young mothers??™ are not the only victims that are affected by this dilemma, but their offspring also suffers adverse ramification for their teenage parents mistakes. Penult in a special report study of youth pregnancies states that, ??? Pregnancies among girls age 15 to 19 have hit two peak highs in the past 35 years (2012)???.Therefore, there is an inherited need for collaborative efforts??™ for reducing teenager??™s pregnancies
Another reason we have so many youth pregnancies among teens who participate in gang activities are because there are rapes and other violence between these gang cultures and other individuals, and they exhibit little concerns for their actions. Minnis asserts that urban communities nationally, street gangs contribute to influence behavior that creates a hostile environment in which sexual partnerships are formed (5) (2007-2008). Adolescents gang involvement has been associated with increased violence, substance use, and risky sexual behaviors, as an aftereffect, there is an epidemic of babies having babies. As a result, the rising figures of teen pregnancy must come to a halt.
Then and there, this can be accomplished with community interventions and mentoring models among our elder members of these troubled intercity communities then it will continue to be ?????¦ the most fascinating cities to live in??? for the youth of tomorrow.
For instance, I have learned the importance of self-sufficiency over the years, and after twenty years working from job to job at minimum rates, as I did not have a school diploma until the 1980s. But I was literally forced to excel because, as a single parent my children were growing older and the expense of their common upkeep required me to upgrade my stills.
Except todays precious youth that are victim of gang violence and teenage pregnancies should not have to wait until are among ???the graying of America??? to experience economic empowerment, as they can engage in positive behavior to enhance their academic mastery and enter the work force as competitively undivided instead of filling the reformatory school or the penal instruction which cost more to maintain per year than it cost for a four year college degree. On between our youth, and their offspring??™s are in jeopardy of experiencing being products of dysfunctional families. It affects education – only a third of teen mothers earn their high school diploma. And only 1.5% has a college degree by age 30.???
Additionally, we must act right away is because young teenagers between the age of 13and 18 tend to have a rate of low weigh infant, thus societal efforts could reduce infant mortality due to mothers who do to get prenatal care and may have other health risk. Further comment from, so by identifying and implement strategies for restoration from these childhood crises are the key to saving face for the youth of tomorrow
There is a need for continued community involvement in of gangs??™ culture rehabilitation in the inner cities because their method of conflict resolution is a component of teen pregnancy among girls between the ages of 13 to 18. According to one large city Vital Statistics and PHIDS System, among the births to unwed mothers, 18.1% were to mothers aged 18 years and younger (2007).
Gang culture in this city is at an all-time alarming rate this city has more gang death than other some larger cities. The people of this megalopolis are coming together to bring the gang related crime rate down. Many believe that prevention the best medicine for this critical matter. So the administrators of this great city have banded together to bring about change.
They need a third party to proceed as their referees, and take a stand as their spokespersons. Once more, these self-destruction behaviors as aggregation violence and the high disgraceful death rate is just some of the aspect that contribute to teenage pregnancies. Hitherto, these young peoples needs redirecting to decrease alarming dilemmas. Surely, the call for reducing teenager??™s pregnancies among our youth echoes in our hearts, and we can no longer stand by and do nothing, because it is at a distressing rate by now from my own prospective, at sixty five years of age, reducing teenager??™s pregnancies is vital because it is at a distressing rate today
Schools and some faith base individuals are actively engaging in efforts to reduce teen pregnancies by piloting a variety of programs of education these youngsters about the risk of sexual transmitted disease and the unwed mother syndrome. School-based teen clinics and comprehensive sex education services, initiatives which have proven to be effective in combating the problems of teenage pregnancy in in this age rang. One major city in the U. S. Reports that: from the decline occurred across all races ??” though blacks and Latinos continued to have higher numbers???.
The community at large must also join forces to redirect the frames to encourage more parental involvement in their children??™s social activities in order to eliminate these adolescent behaviors. Plus, community involvement helps to amplify the goal of abstinence between teenagers, by intervention of positive resolution, thus reducing teen pregnancies. Then the vision is workable, consistent, and communal interaction may reduce conflict between gangs, by rehabilitation, as their negative activity includes failing to embrace abstemiousness which is the breeding ground for teen pregnancies.
Plus, there is a need for more parents??™ involvement in their children??™s social activities. Not only the schools, faith base communities, and parent ought to continue to join forces to aid these vendible youths in their plight of gang culture and teen pregnancies, but the two help educational professionals reform the youth of America scheme. Thus, teams committed jointly to help these grass root parties, at school districts, church congregation, and added support from the community can collaborate on ways how affirmative actions and strategy can correct these threatening biases among these youth.
One such effort is being carried out in some of our nations schools thought a program known as an abstinence , and several churches are sponsoring chastity programs to reach there you are to embrace abstinence e until marriage. ???Certainly, today everybody concern person ought to know that Knowledge is power, ???Intelligent ministry embracing our increase, and celebrating our journey???. This is the theme that is the focal point an area church and community outreach centers effort to aid these youths in the plights of peer pressure and gang bullying. Plus, this origination provides after school tutoring for youth to practice learning skills in preparation to pass the FCAT testing, mandated by No Child Left Behind programs The local congregation that has a weekly meeting to advocate youth to abandon these behaviors and embrace academic goals instead of sexual promiscuity behaviors during their high school years and beyond. Not only will these efforts reduce teenage pregnancies but it will also help to wipe our sexual transmitted disease amount these youth, thus providing an opportunity for them to continue their education, uninterrupted by childbearing issuers.
Still, we need an even more intervention of positive resolution thus reducing teen pregnancies, because these gangs are the invisible home grown terrorist, as they creep into the neighborhood and schools with their weapons and arsenal of violence. So, too is high time that we as a city, ???step up to the plate??? and let everybody know that we care enough for the youth of our city, that we are willing to take a stand and against adversative activity and motivate high expectations for school age student, and development interventions to encourage high school dropouts to complete their education.
All and all, variance predicament in 2012 there are still rivers of social issues that plague adolescents from teen pregnancies to gang culture in the inner cities. Indeed, the community is encircled from east to west, and north to south and to the innermost part of the city with rime activities. Therefore, there is a need for continued community participation in of gangs??™ culture therapy in because their technique of misconduct is a constituent of teen pregnancy among girls between the ages of 13 to 18. The rate of unmarried teen mothers has increased to an alarming portion in 2009-2012… Therefore, there is a call for reducing pregnancies because it is at a distressing rate today. In general, concerned individuals must join forces to redirect the youth belief system and behaviors. So these goals call for more parents??™ participation in their children??™s social activities; plus, it is essential for the entire community to join forces to help educational professional??™s transformation of the youth scheme before this problem grows at of proportion if left unchecked ??“social change and personality modification for today??™s troubled youth.


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