Today I??™ve been aware of which methods and what factors I considered to promote effective communication. When I arrived all children were already in class and were playing with blocks, I picked a small chair and played with them while discussing of what they wanted me to build for them. After cleaning up it was time for an activity so I explained slowly what we were going to paint in English and Maltese language so everybody could understand, then I helped them wear the aprons and gave them the brushes to start painting. Until doing so I stopped next to each child encouraging children and praising them as they all did good job. When getting ready I washed their hands and cleaned the table. Then it was time for lunch I fed yogurts to some children while others ate their bread. Then they helped me to clear by bringing me their lunch and bottles so I would put their lunchbox in their bags. It was now time for singing so we said the numbers in English and Maltese and discussed the weather. Then we practiced again the colours by putting some different coloured balls in a bag and called each child to stand up, close eyes and choose a ball. After picking the ball they had to choose the colour by pointing at the flashcards I did on board and by saying the colour. I needed to help some children but it was fun for them as we all clapped after each child who chose the colour. Then we all sat down to sing some rhymes I chose again a small chair so I would be at their eye level. A boy who finds it hard to sit for some time started teasing another child next to him. I clapped hard my hands for his attention to stop. He did and after finishing the rhyme I gave all children some musical instruments to play with while singing. Then it was time for some physical exercise so we sang some other rhymes while jumping, jogging on the spot and dancing. I finished with the rhyme sleeping bunnies so I lay on the floor next to them. I ended up out of breath but it was amazing to see the children participating and enjoying themselves. Then they had their lunch and we played a game with flashing cards showing them pictures and the children told me the word. At that time a girl wet herself and started crying, I took her to the toilet to change her clothes and explained to her patiently while looking at her eyes that she must let me know before as she now was a big girl. Before we went again to the class I asked the girl what she shall do when she wanted to wee so I could see that she understood me well. Soon it was time to go home before I left I waved to the children and threw some kisses which they pleasingly replied to.