Education Should Be a Must

Education is an integral part of human life. Education makes life easier for people and can supply them with a great amount of satisfaction and mental ease. Education is important not only for a specific group of people, it is fundamental for each person in all parts of the world. Free and compulsory education for all the world??™s children is the core element of international human rights law. The global human rights minimum standards strongly adopt the idea that education should be free. In this case, it can be conducted in a compulsory way till the children get the minimum age to get a job. Three main cases are prominent for education in respect to be a legally free and compulsory.
Firstly, human being is a collective living thing in social context. The society in which the children live puts some responsibilities on them to survive in that society and to meet the demands of the community. To be able to keep pace with the social life can be managed only through education. In this case, education must be compulsory for the continuation of the social context. A more educated the society is a higher level of standards in respect to economy, prosperity, happiness employment… In the light of these thoughts education must be compulsory.
Secondly, in a society if the education is compulsory, it has to be free. If not, it is impossible to carry out this. Social backgrounds of the members in a community display variety. Furthermore, to be democratic and equal, it must be free. There are millions of people who cannot supply their children with education if it is not free. In this case, education becomes a right rather than obligation. Thus, each individual must have the right to study free in state schools. However, it does not mean that there should not be any private schools. In private schools the situation is different from the state schools. State schools have students from all social backgrounds whereas private schools give education practically to a certain group of students from a higher level of social status. It is argued that children in state schools are more open-minded thanks to this variety although the ones in private schools do not have the chance to experience different aspects of life. The children from state school gain experience with people from all social backgrounds and they become more confident, liberal, inquisitive and communicatively active.
In contrast to this view, the environment and materials in private schools show a great amount of quality and quantity. Hence, to have better materials and reduced classrooms special teachers can be better to make the learning process easier and real.
All things considered, it can be concluded that education must be compulsory and free dedicated to the public. This is a great investment and beneficial for the society to progress. It is communal and out of public law. Nevertheless, education is not only about the transmission of knowledge and theory as it represents the prosperity level of a society. No matter what kinds of schools are constructed, education remains as a must.