Education Rita Speech

What is ???into the world??? It has been told that moving into the world is the Implication of movement of a person from one stage to another, to become a better person and acquire new skill and new knowledge during their transition along the way.
Good morning student of year 11, today Im here to help you explore you opinions and ideas on the following topic: MOVING INTO THE WORLD CREATES BOTH PROBLEMS AND POSSIBILITIES.
You see my fellow students moving ???Into the world??? does create both problems and possibilities because when entering or moving into a new world it requires growth, change and development of an individual and through these things will create possibilities, but unfortunately this same individual will stumble across many problems that impact negatively upon them and require them to make sacrifices along if they are to fully transition ???into the world???
The play ???Educating Rita??? by Willy Russell demonstrates that moving into the world creates both problems and possibilities. This is found with Rita and her transition from one word into another, with the help of Frank.
Educating Rita is about a lady named Rita who is from the bottom end of the uneducated working class society. Being a hairdresser she feels that life has passed her by. She wants an education, so she goes to Frank, a dissolute university professor. Ironically Frank is not a promising answer, he is self destructive, clinical and he does not inspire confidence. Although Rita is smart enough to recognise the Frank represents a different culture and offers her access from a state of un-education and ignorance to one of an intellectual and social betterment or better known as ???into the world??? that she has always wanted.
Frank, however is unwilling, but once committed he??™s sees an opportunity to ???sculpt??™ his perfect woman. Franks approach to Rita is much the same as Pygmalion and The Legend of Galatea. The Legend of Galatea is about a man named Pygmalion. Pygmalion was a sculptor, he would help every other man by giving them their love of their lives by sculpting life like women. One day, Pygmalion carved the statue of a woman of ???unparalleled beauty??? for himself. He became obsessed and madly in love with this creation, he names it Galatea, drapes the finest clothes and bedecked her with most dazzling ornaments.
In Act 1 Scene 1 once Frank meets Rita for the first time, ???Frank asks her what do u want to know??? Rita replies with ???everything???. Once this was said Frank had hit his first Problem and that was Rita. Frank didn??™t want to teach and educate Rita He replies later with ???You want alot, and I can??™t give it???.
In act 1 scene 6 Frank now willing to teach Rita and help her Transition into the new world that she wants to be in. In this scene they become very close and even start to flirt. This is when Frank??™s problems start to turn and her now sees possibilities in Rita. S.D ??? Rita smiles at Frank and he smiles back??? and ???he throws her the apple from his desk which she catches???
Now that Frank has accepted Rita Frank wants to do what she has asked him to do and that is to give her an education. Now that Frank can see these possibilities in Rita, he asks Rita to make a decision between work and an education because Rita was struggling. Franks chooses this because without him even knowing he has feeling for Rita, which he doesn??™t truly find out until he has lost he which unfortunately comes quicker that he ever expected.

Frank is at a place in his life where he was absolutely miserable, he hated his work, his life, his job and the only thing that made it all seem better, all seem worthwhile was alcohol. Frank drank his way to happiness, but this changed when he meet Rita. Rita brought Frank a breath of fresh air, a change and also a challenge, that of being able to turn Rita into and educated person.
As the play progresses Frank begins to see a change in Rita, she is now using higher educated words and is also now alot more focused. For the first time Rita is ready to study straight away, she doesn??™t doordle or stuff around, she sits straight down and is ready to learn.
This change in Rita impacts greatly on Frank because he is noticing this change, he does not want this to happen but on the same token, he cant leave or say no to Rita, he only has to choices, stay the way it is and keep educating Rita or just stop all together and leave her, but this is to hard for frank he must continue to try and further educate Rita and hope that she doesn??™t cross into that place, that place being the one Frank is currently in, the place of no return.
In Act 2 Scene 3 The roles have officially been reversed through the opening S.D ???sitting in the armchair by the window, reading a heavy tone ???, For the first time in the play Rita is in the room first and Frank enters after, She is in his armchair ready a heavy tone.
Now Franks Possibility has turned into a problem one again so as you can see my fellow students transitioning into the world does create both problems and possibilities for people.
Thank you for listening