General Principle

Animal health and
welfare should always be maintained through better management practices,
balanced nutrition and stress free living conditions.


The following
techniques should be followed to maintain good health.

a. disease
resistant breed or strains should be selected.

b. natural
immunological processes should be promoted.

c. provision of
good quality organic feed;

d. appropriate
stocking densities;

e. grazing rotation
and management.

Operators should
use natural medicines and treatments, including homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine
and acupuncture whenever appropriate. When illness does occur, an operator
should determine the cause and prevent future outbreaks by adopting appropriate
management practices.

Standards shall
require that:

1. The operator
shall take all practical measures to ensure the health and well being of the animals
through preventative animal husbandry practices.

2.  If an animal becomes sick or injured despite
preventative measures that animal shall be treated promptly and adequately, if
necessary in isolation and in suitable housing. Producers shall not withhold
medication where it will result in unnecessary suffering of the livestock, even
if the use of such medication will cause the animal to lose its organic status.

An operator may use
chemical allopathic veterinary drugs or antibiotics only if:

a. preventive and
alternative practices are unlikely to be effective to cure sickness or injury;

b. they are used
under the supervision of a veterinarian, and

c. withholding
periods shall be not less than double of that required by legislation, or a minimum
of 48 hours, whichever is longer.

3.  Substances of synthetic origin used to
stimulate production or suppress of natural growth are prohibited.

4. Vaccinations are
allowed with the following limitations:

a. when an endemic
disease is known or expected to be a problem in the region of the farm and
where this disease cannot be controlled by other management techniques, or

b. when a
vaccination is legally required, and

c. the vaccine is
not genetically engineered.