Topic lists for oral presentationIntroductions: Each student is required no more than 5 minutes to give an oral presentation according to the following topics. After you finish the speech, you should ask the questions raised by either the teacher or your peers. Your oral performance is scored by the teacher or your peers according to both the prepared speech and the answers you reply to the teacher or your peers. The same teammate should choose a different topic.

The teacher will give you final scores not only considering your performance of speech and answering questions, but also how many questions you ask in class and how critical they are.1) What are to blame to ???the violent teens??? What makes teenagers turn to violence What measures can we take to prevent teenagers from being violent2) What are the causes and effects of food poisoning How can we protect ourselves from food poisoning How to solve the problem of the food safety3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet4) Is Internet a blessing or a curse5) What problems face migrant workers in China at present How to solve those problems6) What can human beings benefit from the development of genetic engineering7) What arena(s) do you think is(are) short of qualified professionals in China What statistic illustrates this problem (situation) Give your reasons and find out the solutions to it.8) What do you think are the reasons why China becomes an aged society What measures we can take to face the challenge of the aged society9) Why does Internet shopping become popular nowadays across the globe Why do the customers hesitate to do some shopping online10) What are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping What do you know about ???when you go to buy, use your eyes, not your ears11) What do you think family problems are caused by What family or marital problems exist in today??™s world Think about the ways to solve those problems.12) Take some examples of rude behaviors, impolite or anti-social acts to showcase their effects on both the society and the individuals. Why do these behaviors or acts frequently occur in our society How can we solve these problems13) Have you ever got stressed How do you feel when you are stressed What is stress brought about by Think about the ways to get relieved from stress or to deal with stress14) In your eyes, what role do parents play in your individual development In your own growth,what do others factors help you to be successful15) Brainstorm what make you to be who you are now Parents, relatives,teachers,classmates,friends, community,school,or whatever16) What is your ideal job Would you like to do a job with excellent prospects or just a common job in futurePart V Oral Test????: 1. ????,??????,????,??????,????????,??????4-5??????(10?)? 2.

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