School of Psychology

Welcome to the School of Psychology

Welcome to the start of your Psychology degree at the University of East London. This booklet tells you about the events taking place in induction week and includes your provisional timetable for semester A.

We begin the academic year with a week of special sessions to introduce you to your programme, your School and the University. This is the beginning of your induction to higher education, a process that will continue through your first year with us. The activities are designed to help new students settle in before teaching begins and before the other students return. During this week you will meet the First Year Tutors and other key members of staff who will support you during your time at UEL, as well as your fellow students, so attendance is essential!

Induction week is
Monday 17th September to Friday 21st September 2012.

During induction week you will receive a large amount of information. You do not need to remember it all but you do need to become familiar with the booklets etc that you are given so you know where to find information when you need it. If you would like any clarification or further help, please do not be afraid to ask. It is very likely that other students will have similar questions and your tutors will be happy to help. Please check that you know when and where to attend by reading the programme below. Please remember to bring this booklet, writing materials and a diary with you.

Qualifications check

Important: All students must bring with them evidence of their academic qualifications that they referred to on their application form, unless their application was processed by UCAS.


Monday 17th September

If you are a Combined Honours student only (ie you are taking a BSc Psychology + another subject), the first session to attend is at the Docklands campus on Monday 17th September. You will receive information about this from the Combined Honours School and see the details at For the Docklands campus, take the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) to Cyprus station.

Tuesday 18th September

If you are taking the Single Honours BSc Psychology (or BSc Developmental Psychology or BSc Forensic Psychology) the first session is at 9.30 on Tuesday 18th September in room CC.1.01 at the Stratford campus, where the School of Psychology is located. Combined Honours Psychology Major students also attend. Please arrive between 9.00 and 9.30 ??“ talks will start promptly at 9.30!

* To welcome students to the School of Psychology
* To provide an overview of the degree programmes
* To inform students about the key support services

9.30 10.15 | Introduction to the School of Psychology | CC.1.01 | You will be welcomed by a member of the Vice Chancellor??™s Group, the psychology Field Leader, your Programme Leaders, Year One Tutors and other staff. |
10.15 10.45 | Outline of the Psychology degree | CC.1.01 | The content and structure of the degree programme will be described. |
10.45 11.15 Coffee break |
11.15 11.30 | Library information | CC.1.01 | The specialist librarian for Psychology will tell you about the library and other facilities in our library and learning centre. |
11.30 11.45 | Introducing the Psychology Helpdesk | CC.1.01 | The functions of the Psychology Helpdesk will be outlined so that you know how to get the most from this valuable resource. |
11.45 12.00 | Study and language skills | CC.1.01 | Students will receive advice on the support available for developing study skills and language skills. |
12.00 12.15 | Progress bursary | CC.1.01 | Our bookshop representative will explain the bookshop benefits available to students as they progress through their first modules. |
12.15 1.15 Lunch break |
1.15 1.30 | Introduction to the Student Union and Student Services | CC.1.01 | Speakers from the Student Union and Student Services will provide information about services to support you with careers, childcare, counselling & health, plus our sport facilities and activities. |
1.35 1.50 | UEL IT, email and introduction to UEL plus. | CC.1.01 | This session introduces the computing and other IT facilities available at UEL, including a guide to using the email system and UEL plus. |
1.50 2.00 | Q&A Session | CC.1.01 | A chance to ask the Year Tutors any questions about today??™s sessions. |
2.00 4.00 | Qualifications check | AE.3.18/AE.2.06 | Students who did not apply through UCAS have their qualifications verified so that they will be able to enrol. |

Wednesday 19th September

* To introduce key reading material at level 1
* To introduce the tutorial system and student contract
* To work together in teams to complete orientation exercise

11.30 12.15 | Introduction to the student contract and tutorial system | CC.1.01 | Students will be introduced to the personal tutor system, to working in lectures and seminars and to our student contract. |
12.15 12.30 | Reading lists | CC.1.01 | Students will be given an overview of the key reading material they will use at level 1 |
12.30 12.45 | Credit for prior learning | CC.1.01 | Information will be provided about our APEL system for students studying part-time |
12.45 1.00 | Introduction to orientation activity | CC.1.01 | The Year Tutors will start the group activity designed to help you get to know your campus (and each other!) |
1.00 2.00 Lunch Break |
2.00 3.00 | Orientation quiz | Around the campus | During this period, students will complete the orientation checklist and quiz provided by the Year One Tutors |
3.00pm Deadline for completing the quiz |
3.00 4.00 | Welcome Drinks gathering | Le Cafe, ground floor, Arthur Edwards Building | After completing your quiz we invite you for a welcome drink with the First Year Tutors, and other members of staff and students. |

During induction you will start to explore the facilities available at the Stratford campus. There is a well-equipped Library with IT facilities (and a brand new library is under construction) and offices where the Student Union and various support services are based. We have a spacious cafe in the Arthur Edwards Building and further catering outlets in other buildings.

The School of Psychology itself has extensive research facilities including a virtual reality lab, EEG lab, infant observation lab, testing cubicles and interview rooms with recording facilities. Students have access and/or visits to these resources during their programmes. Psychology students are also supported by a dedicated Helpdesk. Our orientation quiz will help you to become familiar with these facilities right from the start.

Thursday 20th September

9.30am 12.00 noon | Collection of student ID card | Enrolment centre, Docklands campus | Students collect their ID card which is essential to gain access to UEL buildings, use the library and the swipe card attendance monitoring system. |

We strongly recommend that you complete the enrolment process via UEL Direct before Induction week and so that you only need to obtain your student ID card at the enrolment centre and minimise delays. You must also complete the qualifications check, referred to above, in order to collect your card.

Friday 21st September

This final day of induction week is kept free of formal activities, so that students have an opportunity to prepare for the start of teaching. For example, you might need to:

* have another look through the information you received this week;
* check that you know where & when your lectures, workshops & tutorials will be
* visit the library again so that you are familiar with the psychology area
* borrow or buy a textbook
* obtain materials you will need such as paper, files, diary etc
* make sure your study area is ready to use

We also encourage you to attend Freshers??™ Fair. This informal event is organised by the Students Union and provides an opportunity to find out about student societies and activities, sign up for those that interest you and meet students from other programmes in the university. If you find nothing to your taste, you might like to start something new! For details about further events organised by the Student Union, look out for posters at the SU offices and on notice-boards throughout the University. You will hear more about this at the talk by the Student Union representative during Induction week.

Semester A timetable

Day | Time | Module | Room |
Tuesday | 14.00 ??“ 15.00 | PY1101 Research MethodsLecture | CC.1.01 |
Tuesday | 15.00 ??“ 17.00 | PY1101 Research MethodsSeminars | To be announced by module leader |
Wednesday | 13.00 ??“ 16.00 | PY1101/ PY1103/ PY1105 Rotating workshop | CC.1.01 |
Thursday | 9.00 ??“ 12.00 | PY1105 Thinking like a Psychologist Lecture | CC.1.01 |
Thursday | 14.00 ??“ 17.00 | PY1103 Individuals, Development and Social Behaviour &Skills Behaviour & Skills Lecture | CC.1.01 |
In some weeks there will also be a scheduled meeting with your personal tutor ??“ time and day to be confirmed (will be Tues/Wed/Thurs) |

Show that you are here! Sign, Sign, Swipe

It is essential for your own progress as well as for University regulations, assessment registers and financial agreements that you attend the lectures, tutorials etc regularly. It is your responsibility to establish proof of your attendance by: signing the weekly register at the Psychology Helpdesk, signing any class registers that your tutors pass around in class, using the swipe card system where this is available. Further details will be given at induction.

Transport and local information

The closest stations to the Stratford campus are Stratford (10 mins walk) and Maryland (5 mins walk). To reach these take:
Underground: Central Line or Jubilee Line to Stratford station.
Docklands Light Railway (DLR) to Stratford station.
Railway: Great Eastern: London Liverpool Street – Shenfield – Southend services via Ilford stop at Stratford and Maryland Stations. Silverlink Railways: Richmond – North Woolwich Services stop at Stratford.
Buses: Bus routes 86, 104, 108, 158, 238, 241, 257, 262, 473 call at Stratford station. Buses 25 and 69 stop at Stratford Broadway.
By car: UEL Stratford campus is accessible from the A11, A12 and A13. However there is only limited parking available; there is some parking on streets around the campus subject to meters & time limits and in the car parks of local shopping centres. Students are advised to use public transport if at all possible.

Stratford has fantastic local facilities which students can enjoy. There is the newly developed and extensive Westfield Shopping Centre, with a huge range of shops, cafes and leisure facilities as well as the more traditional Stratford Shopping centre with its local market. There are multi-screen cinemas (including The Picture House) and a theatre (the Theatre Royal Stratford) a few minutes away from campus. There are brand new sports facilities at the Docklands campus as well as the London 2012 Olympic Park to visit. You may like to visit Hackney Marshes (20 mins walk) or Upton Park (home of West Ham FC) (10-15 mins walk).