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Unit 6 Assignment
Multinational Organization
Escale Cintron

Running Header: Unit 6 Assignment

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Escale Cintron
Professor Ileana Felipe
September 10, 2011

In the following essay I will be identifying the cultural differences between the United States and the selected country I had chosen. I will be identifying the potential markets in each country and how I would select virtual teams??™ members in the target country. I will compare two different countries against the U.S.

The countries I had chosen to compare to the Unites States are Poland and Czech Republic. I will compare their culture differences with business involvement. I chose three different virtual teams to help me. Team A is Kwintessential, team B is Global Edge and team C is Martin-Frost. Each team will be assigned to research one of the countries listed above. Team A will be researching about Poland culture, team B will research on Czech Republic and team C will research on the United States. After their done their research I will than compare the difference between these country and the United States.
The first team we will start off with will be Team A which is Kwintessential website. In their finding about Poland culture are the following: Poland is located at the Central of Europe, the capital of this country is Warsaw. Population in that area is about 38,518,214 since July 2007. The religions there are Roman Catholic 89.8%, Eastern Orthodox 1.3%, Protestant 0.3%, and other 0.3%. The country government is Republic. The official language at Poland is Polish it is spoken by about 38 million inhabitants at Poland. Polish is ethnically homogeneous, but Ukrainian, Belorussian, Slovakian, and Lithuanian reside along the borders of Poland. Their religion is important to the Polish society and their holiday is considered national holidays when most of their businesses are closed. They celebrate Christmas for last two and half days and their practice are ???dzielenie oplatkiem??? (meaning breaking and sharing of a thin white smile). Their say good morning or good after noon are ???dzien dobry??? and good evening means ???dobry wieczor??? (n.d).
Team (A) also researched about Poland gift giving etiquette and their business etiquette. When giving a gift to someone that resides at Poland you would need to follow the instruction so you won??™t offend anyone. The guidelines to follow: do not give over expensive gifts, if you are an employee you can bring a cake and champagne, at Christmas you would need to give small gifts to service workers, or postal workers etc., if you are invited to a Pole??™s home for dinner you can bring wine, flowers, and sweet for the hostess, the flowers would need to be odd numbers, and you can??™t give yellow chrysanthemums they are used only for funerals, as well you can??™t give red or white flowers and gifts are to be open when you received it. As for when doing business with Pole??™s they are difference in style between government officials and entrepreneurs. Upon meeting a Pole??™s when doing business you would have to shake hands arriving and leaving, keep eye contact, you would have to wait for the woman to extend her hand, older business man would want to kiss the woman hand, titles are important whether its Academic or professional titles with or without the surname, you would need to wait to be invited till you can address them with their first name (n.d).
According to Kwintessentail (team A), when in a business meeting senior Pole??™s tend to open the meeting with an description on what will be discuss during the meeting. Hard facts are important so participant would need to come well prepared with the facts and figures of any statement addressed at the meeting. Most of the business discussion and documents are taken to the top of the company for example CEO??™s. Finally the final decision is translated into rigorous, comprehensive action steps you can expect it will be delivered to you in a letter (n.d).
Team B which are Global Edge, had done research on Czech Republic culture. As stated by team B, when making an appointment for business it would need to be made in advance and not schedule on Fridays afternoon for the reason that many Czechs leave to their country homes. Business culture at taken extremely seriously it is consider inappropriate to come to a meeting five minutes late. Around the holidays or life issues majority of Czech tend to start and finish work earlier then most of the Western countries. They also close their business on August and or July. Business letters would need to be address to the company and not to a person that work at the company this is so the letter do not get lost or kept. As for the way you would need to be dress when doing business with Czech, you would need to dress to impress for example men should wear suits and perfume and aftershave should be used sparingly or lightly (2011).
When addressing to and Czech you would need to use for counterparts are Mr. /Mrs., Dr. or Ing (Engineer). You would need to wait to be invited before using any one first name or an informal greeting. If you used the first name of the businessman you are dealing with at Czech it would be found offensive for they are only address that way by friends and family. When having a conversation with Czech you would need to respect their personal space, maintain eye contact, don??™t raise your voice level during business discussions, try to be formal and use appropriate forms of address and greeting. Czechs are formal and indirect in their communication. When they lower their heads it means that they are uncomfortable with something you had said to them. Many of the conversation become subjects of humour to the Czechs (2011).
According to Team A, Czech the first initial meeting is usually scheduled just to get to know each other and to see if you are trustworthy. In Czech Republic knowledge and ability to exert power an authority are opposed to the age of the person. It is important to remember that Czech keep their personal life and professional separate. Business with Czech will be a slow process and you would need patience. Decision is made at the top of the company head leaders and it usually takes several visits before a decision is to be reached. Czech is private people until they come to get to know who you are. They tend to not acknowledge people whom they don??™t know when walking along the streets. Czech find themselves to be honest people they never get involve in situation they feel is morally wrong (2011).
According to global edge, Czech celebrates days that are called name days. Each year would be assigned to a Czech mane and it is honored in the same way as a birthday. Usually on Christmas Czech send greeting cards to one another they also do this on name days. They are appreciating when you try to learn their language. There basic language to say for example is, hello (ahoj), good morning (dobry den), and goodbye (nashledanou), thank you (dekuji) and please (prosim) (2011).
When giving a gift to a Czech person you can bring a bottle of wine to the host a sweet to the hostess. You can also offer books or any other kind of cognac, imported wines or whisky, and watches. Never bring Fernet or Gin when invited to a Czech home for dinner. When giving flowers is would need to be an odd number of flowers but not 13. Don??™t give calla lilies for they are use at the funerals (2011).
Finally for team C which had done their research on the United States of America culture. This is their findings: U.S has a Declaration mission statement about securing life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. American culture is the constant stream of the new immigrants giving them freedom from their country oppression. American valued the ideals in individual liberty, individualism, self-sufficiency, altruism, equality, frees markets, a republican form of government, populism, democracy, feminism, patriotism, and pluralism. They are closed relationship between both America??™s political and economic traditions. America is one of the largest English speaking marketplaces that allow firms to compete across the country and to enjoy economies of scale that reduce prices and the benefit to consumers (n.d).
As stated by Martin Frost (team C), religion in the United States are as follows: Christians 13.2%, Jewish 1.3%, Muslim 0.5%, Buddhist 0.5%, Agnostic 0.5%, Atheist 0.5%, Hindu 0.4%, and Unitarian Universalist 0.3%. When it come to the work and jobs environment of the United States, most workers work at least 40- hour a week, five days of the week and just 8 hours a day. The minimum wage is different in every state of the Unite States, some are higher and some are mandated by the federal government. In the States they give their workers vacation pay which is usually two weeks, sick days and or personal days. At the age of 65 Americans usually retire from their job but they are most of the people of the Untied States that retire earlier than 65 year of age (n.d).
According to Team C, Americans are direct when communicating with others, they do not tend to hide away they speak and show affection to others even those they don??™t know. When involving business Americans tend to want to arrive at time of the meeting. You dress to impress for example in tie or suit formal wear. When greeting give a form handshake and maintain eye contact. Americans like to be called by their first name some will insist that you call them by their nickname. In the situation that it formal meeting you may want to use their titles and surnames as a courtesy until you are invited to use their first names. Americans are different from other countries in business and personal life (n.d).
According to the research done by all three team as you can see they are many different cultures in different country that can affect on how you do business with each one of them. For example as stated by team B businesses are done slowly and decisions are made by the head of the company. Not every country just like United States had such freedom in the market field, or even in the country as socializing. Every country has their difference and to be able to do business in other country you would need to follow their customs and the way on how they do business. Selecting the right virtual ream members in the target country is important to know what they know and if they have the knowledge you need to proceed to the next step. This concludes the research about the difference in the countries culture.


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