???The Rabbits??? ??“ John Marsden and Shaun Tan
??? The arrival of the rabbits into the land in which the bunyips occupied
??? In the beginning the rabbits were perceived as not bad, and some were friendly ??“ ???At first we didn??™t know what to think. They looked a bit like us. There were many of them. Some were friendly???.
??? Progressively the view towards the rabbits shifted as the real motifs behind their arrival was uncovered.
o Even though the elders of the bunyips warned them of what could happen ??“???But our old people warned us: BE CAREFUL. They won??™t understand the right ways. They only know their own country…???
??? The rabbits came on different forms and means.
o Land
o ??“ ???They came by water.???
? ???More rabbits came…???
??? Establishing their ways of life in the land, the rabbits became more and more predominant (obvious changes to land and environment)
o ??“ ???They didn??™t live in the trees like we did. They made their own houses. We couldn??™t understand the way they talked.???
o ??“ ???They brought new food, and they brought other animals. We liked some of their food and we liked some of the animals, but some of the food made us sick. And some of the animals scared us.??? (animals = mostly in regards to the sheep as they are shown more exaggerated and have big teeth)
??? Not long after the arrival, the bunyips found themselves being overrun by the rabbits
o ??“ ???Still more of them came. Sometimes we had fights, but there were too many rabbits???
o ??“ ???We lost the fights.???
??? The whole way of life for the bunyips diminished because of the rabbits and their way of life.
??? Eventually, the bunyips were completely ???thrown out??™ of their land.
o ??“ ???Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits. Millions and millions of rabbits. Everywhere we look there are rabbits???
o ??“ ???Who will save us from the rabbits???
What issues are raised
??? The issue of overruling power ? Rabbits > Bunyips
??? Resource = advantage
??? Representation of the situation of the first fleet in Australia ??“ Aboriginals (Bunyips) and the European settlers (Rabbits)
o Historical representation
o Chronological order
??? Initial heeds of the elder Bunyips
??? The Bunyips cry for their freedom/old lives back
??? The taking away of the children ??“ ???Stolen Generation???
How do Marsden and Tan represent these issues/events
??? Colour ??“ The variety of colours from the beginning present a happy, vegetated, friendly environment in which the Bunyips lived. Towards the end of the book, the colours shift from the start to the end give the audience a sense of emotion change and situation.
o Various colours, bold, bright ? dull, shades of a colour, limited colours
??? Shape/Line ??“ Due to the rough nature in which the Rabbits are portrayed, the composers have altered the shapes and lines. The representation of the different ???societies??™ and the way they lived can be seen through the shapes and lines.
o Bunyips: playful, curved, ???all over the place??™, imprecise, cylindrical (not geometrical shapes)
o Rabbits: defined, jagged, geometrical, sharp, modernised shapes
??? Placement ??“ Due to way in which the composers have arranged the animals on each page, the importance is shown.