Arugmentative Paper on Sex

Sexual intercourse is too exposing among most teens. This activity has effect on music- videos, books, and advertisement in magazines. Sexual activities are happening mostly within younger generation of society. Many people would say, ???Sex is what is in???. Either you are having sex or you are not having sex.??? Some believe people should wait to have sex until marriage, but others believe in practicing safe sex or that unprotected sex is ok.
???When people speak of ???safe sex??? today, they are referring to abstinence, contraception, or sexual play. These methods avoid transmitting an STD or an unplanned pregnancy??? (Epigge/Guide). Problems in high percentage of pregnancy and diseases are avoided by safely protecting yourself. Having sex can lead to responsibilities that a committed relationship should handle; which most of the young adults and teenagers are not capable of handling.
Some reasonable explanations why people may participate in having unprotected sexual intercourse may be: some action that viewed on television may lure women to have unprotected sex and not to be afraid of the consequence; women involved in the relationship are inexperienced and is easily swayed by words; women believe that the man that she is currently in a relationship with is her life; women may believe that if she become pregnant, the man will take full responsibility; and women could have been drinking and smoking illegal drugs, which could lead to unprotected sex (drug/safe-sex).

However, should the male or female be responsible for sex Both the male and female should be responsible and reliable for the consequence of sex, in order to have proper intercourse. Therefore both should be held accountable for sexual relations. That may be true because men are not always the ones who go after sex first. ???Forty-five (45%) percent of the men say that they are mainly the one who start the flow of the moment, but sometimes the woman can be more aggressive than the male??? (Gattmacher). Even when two people are in the heat of the moment, it is hard not to get carried away, but that should not be a reason to not have protected sex.
A condom should always be in hand with either the female having it or the male it does not really matter who has it as long as there is one. Unprotected sex could also be called being under pressure. The female maybe pressured to have sex with the male and do not want to make that vow to that male for the rest of her life. Though that one moment can change your life, you really would not want to mess up other things. You can end up pregnant and mess up your future plans in life which, if you have something going for yourself, the male nor female do not want to mess up their future plans. So by having sex, you are always at some kind of risk, especially if you are having unprotected sex. Some reasonable explanations as of to why people may participate in having protected sex is: women and males do not want to catch any disease or STD??™s, they have already had her tubes tied or he had a vasectomy and still want to be protected; and women feels that she is at low risk of becoming pregnant.
There are many other outcomes that come with sex; not only can it cause a woman to become pregnant, but you or your partner could catch HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) or other Sexually transmitted diseases. Which both of the diseases are dangerous and are something that you would not want to live with for the rest of your life. You could catch HIV from having vaginal or rectal intercourse without protection, as well as everywhere else a man??™s penis is inserted (aids/facts sheet). STD??™s such as Chlamydia can be cured, while some can not like HIV which could lead to AIDS which could lead to death (Epigge/Guide). Would you rather protect yourself or catch a deadly disease So if you are sexually active, it??™s best to use condoms which could protect you from catching any disease such as listed or stated. Also if you and your partner are having sex, the both should go get tested every once in a while so you can be sure that neither one of you has anything that could spread to the other.
There are also many other reasons why or why not teens are not having sex. Religion could have a big thing to do with sex and that??™s why some are waiting until marriage. Some fellow Christians believe that you should not sleep around or even have sex before marriage, because it??™s counted as a sin and should not be done if you are following in God??™s word. That is what most are taught in church, as read from the Bible. Many religions are clear about the fact that sex must or should be saved for when a couple is married. Teens that are raised in very religious families may not always agree to save sex for marriage and are most likely not to follow that commandment in the bible. Like wise, if a teen wishes to remain strong to their religious beliefs and refrain from sex, they should not allow anyone to sway them into the wrong direction.
So should people have unprotected sex or safe sex No sex would be the only thing that could keep you from getting any of these diseases or infections, as well as becoming a teen parent. So either way it goes if as you are having sex, you are still at the risk of becoming pregnant or catching an STD. As you can see, along with the pleasure of sex comes a great deal of responsibility. Remember, that ???Safe sex is great sex, better wear latex because you don??™t want that late text, that I think ???I??™m late??? (Rapper Lil??™Wayne).

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