Article Rebuttal

Article Rebuttal
This ???Doubt Campaign??? (Lawton, 2011) as Lawton calls it can be explicated and categorized as an unfair and unjust trial based on hearsay, obvious fabrications lacking concrete evidence, propelled by the need to avenge the murder of an officer.
As the lead prosecutor in the State of Georgia versus Troy Anthony Davis, Spencer Lawton??™s main goal, mission, and obligation was to convince the deciding party that Troy Davis was in fact guilty for the ???cold-blooded, midnight murder??? (Lawton, 2011) of Officer Mark Allen MacPhail, Sr. on August 20, 1989.
As if the title was not enough to invoke the interests of antagonists and supporters alike, Lawton quoted, ???People are right to wonder how the system could put to death a man with so much doubt remaining??? (Lawton, 2011). If there is such uncertainty remaining, then the defense had every right to confidently and substantially proclaim that Troy Davis should not have been found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt with the courts allowing the exoneration of his charges.
Referring back to an article dated August 20, 1989, it was stated that ???the defendant was pistol-whipping a homeless man as MacPhail approached with his baton in hand, his chest donning a bullet proof vest. Davis just ???happened??™ to turn around, without knowing of his presence, shooting him in the chest at close range with the bullet entering through his left chest under his arm, piercing his aorta??? (Moore et al., 2009) . What happened to MacPhail??™s partner, David Owens that ???appeared??™ on the scene attempting to give him mouth-to-mouth It is still quite unbelievable that the death of Officer MacPhail transpired from an altercation over a ???beer??™ between a ???homeless??™ man and another party that was never tried as a suspect, but as a supporting witness (Rose, 1989). Was it not suspicious that Sylvester ???Red??™ Coles went to the precinct the following day accompanied by a lawyer willing to tell all (Rose, 1989) Lawton is speaking of ballistics! How can he have the physical evidence, shell casings, from a gun that was never produced
For the record, ???Railroad??™ is an informal term meaning to convict with undue haste and by means of false charges or insufficient evidence (What Does It Mean When Someone Is Being Railroaded “,? n.d.). I suppose Lawton??™s definition is different in this instance, due to the fact of his prosecution being delayed for twenty years. Maybe it is not considered ???railroading??™ because he wasn??™t led to freedom, hence the Underground Railroad. One can only wonder if the pun was intended.