Art 101

? There are four roles in which an artist uses to convey the? meaning? of their work with a brief description of each they include;An artist helps their audience view the world in new and innovative ways.An artist? creates? a visual record of their time and place ( this could be defined as culture, year, or location).An artist? creates? functional objects and? structures? to be more pleasurable by imbuing them with beauty and? meaning.An artist gives? form? to the immaterial ideas and? feelings.

?  ?  Two pieces of art I found to interest me the most were the Race Riot, created by? Andy Warhol? May of 1963 and the painting? by Jan Van Eyck of Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife Giovanna Cenami in 1434. The Race Riot, demonstrated a visual of the factual? events? that took place in Birmingham, Alabama during? the Civil Rights movement. This particular piece of art displays several ?  roles by the artist, one is by creating a visual record of the time and place. We know thispainting? was based on an? event? in Birmingham Alabama in 1963, we also can see how the artist helps their audience view the world in new and innovative ways by allowing us to see an image from this Race Riot. The artist also is giving form to the immaterial ideas and? feelings? by portraying a man running from a dog.

This expresses fear which is a feeling.?  ?  The? painting? by Jan Van Eyck is different from the Race Riot, in fact Jan Van Eyck uses many forms of visual images or symbolic significance within his? painting. The? painting? is of a woman and her husband but from one angle it could appear as a mirror, the brides green dress symbolizes her natural fertility and the one? candle? burning in the chandelier above expresses the presence of Christ. Jan Van Eyck uses the role of creating functional objects and? structures? to be more pleasurable in their? meaning? and beauty and also? creates? a visual record of time and place by the traditions and symbolic? messages