I: Good afternoon! I am Kirsty Young and you are listening to BBC Radio 4. Nowadays people argue about whether democracy is one of the best forms of government. In order to have further information, today we have as guests Gary Hart, a distinguished American politician and Christopher Tyler, law professor at University College London. Firstly, what do you think about modern democracy, Dr. Tyler?C: Personally, I think that democracy is still one of the best form of government in the world as people are able to decide who is going to rule their country. This encourages a sense of belonging for them to the place they live in. Furthermore, it’s an outstanding way to establish legitimacy for a leader, avoiding war of successions or power struggles.I: Mr. Hart, do you agree with Dr. Tyler? G:I am sorry to say that I disagree with Dr. Tyler as I think that democracy isn’t as efficient as most people think. The democratic process encourages politicians to make promises most of the time they can’t keep as they haven’t got enough funds to make them real. In addition, if voters are unsatisfied with the elected leaders, they have to wait till their mandate expires to elect other leaders. Nevertheless, if steady improvements could be made, I cannot deny that democracy would probably return to be as efficient as it had been in the past centuries.I: Thanks, Mr. Hart. Could you please explain to us the improvements you were talking about?G: Certainly. To begin with, voters should be urged to actively participate in elections as only 20% of voters voted in the last primaries. Moreover, all political contributions should be disclosed, so that citizens are aware that those funds are used solely for political activities.I: Thanks. Dr. Tyler,  What do you think about Mr. Hart’s viewpoint?C: I wholly agree with Mr. Hart. In Norway, for example, 78% of voters went to express their opinion in the last election, which is a great result. This is because citizens do feel part of their nation, as it should be.I:I am sorry but we have run out of time.Thank you so much, gentlemen. It was nice to have you here. Have a good day.