The Cira Centre is one of many of Philadelphia’s great and beautiful pieces of architecture that it has within its vast city. Its architect was an amazing man called Cesar Pelli. Construction on this amazing piece of architecture started in 2004 and was opened and completed later in 2006. He designed the big master plan for Cira Centre South, the tallest building dedicated to student housing in the entire United States. As an architect, Pelli has tried at all costs to avoid any formalistic inclinations when it came to his designs. He thought that building should be responsible citizens and that the aesthetic qualities of a building should grow from the specific characteristics of each project such as its location, its construction technology, and its main purpose. always searching for the most appropriate response to each and every project he has designed.  Standing apart from the city’s vast cluster of tall buildings, the tower is visible from a distance on all sides, as a singular cultural object. It’s unique appearance vastly contrasts the weight and solidity of the train station surrounding it. This magnificent tower is delicate and light, being cloaked in a reflective surface, the beautiful crystalline form echoes the sky, and the facade varies and is determined by the time of day it is. But at night the effect it has on the naked eye is even more dramatic in the bold statement it makes. With the various LED lights that are integrated into the curtain wall illuminate the tower in various colors and patterns depending on the occasion. Philadelphia’s Cira Centre was opened to tenants and the public in October 2005. Its completion marked a special moment for the city of brotherly love. It is the city’s first new office tower in fifteen years. Cesar Pelli’s brilliant design sets Cira apart, not only in distance from the cityscape but in physicality as well.