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20 ridiculous things that are banned in schools around the worldSchool life can be quite difficult for children, with all the education and growth they need to face. It gets worse when teachers (for example, adults) start banning things, especially when they are the ones you love the most.We found 20 ridiculous bans in schools around the world. As if puberty was not strong enough!20. Best friends© ParamountA Southwest London school has banned children from having better friends because teachers think it can be very boring for a child when the friendship ends.We all fell with our friends and yet we all grew up here. Maybe they do not want them to meet at the school grounds.Nineteenth day of the father© Columbia PicturesScottish schools banned parent cards on Father’s Day to empathize with children living alone with their mothers. Okay, fair play. What about children without mothers or with two mothers or fathers?18. Facebook© Kaboompics // Karolina Source: kaboompics.comFacebook is bad. Only pure evil. According to a Jewish girls’ school in New York, girls should not even use this social networking site at home. Teachers think that girls are less modest than they should be. He should be humble there … and not be dead on the internet either.17. Luv© NetflixAn elementary school in Northampton has decided that you should not allow yourself to kiss your best friend. Teachers believe that children need to learn to respect the concept of personal space. Children and their parents, however, do not seem to accept this ban.”This will prevent children from developing social skills in their formative years,” said one parent.Why are you hugging your friend? Being anti-social is much better!16. Yoga pants and leggings© Cheerleaders / FacebookA Massachusetts High School has updated their dress code by banning yoga pants and leggings because they are not suitable for people who learn to grow and work fast.Besides, the other sex is distracted. obviously15. Backpacks© NetflixSome American schools believe that carrying a backpack or bag in a classroom can potentially be dangerous because all weapons can be carried indoors. Therefore, you can not take books and stationery with you. Backpacks must stay in a locker.You also have to train your muscles!14. LOL and other acronymsStudents from a South Yorkshire school can not say “hiya”, “cheers” and “lol”. The faculty believes that this is the only way for students to use correct English when communicating with each other and with their teachers.Ofc, do not write or speak, lols, like dat.13. Rubber stripsSome schools in the United States have banned Bandz bracelets and other rubber bands because, and we say, “they are a distraction”. According to the teachers, children play too much with them and become too involved in their games, which distracts them from the game, but we all know that children will find their way.12. Label© EJ FoxSome schools in the United States UU They banned the label! The idea behind this ban is that children are hurt physically and emotionally when they play this iconic game. But of course the time you play on the field should be no-no!11. Halloween and Christmas© universal photosThe Oregon School District Council has banned Christmas clothes to ensure that the religious beliefs of other members of their community are respected and respected. And also because the Grinch stole Christmas!10th fight against snowballsAn English school sent two of their students home and then hung them up … for a snowball fight. A ban on snowball fights has been introduced to ensure the safety of all children. It’s good. All these generations play snowballs outside the school. How did you survive? It’s the last century to play snowballs outside when it’s a snowy winter’s day.