In the 1960s and 1970s, people started criticising television broadcasts for many reasons

The first reason is children. Before television arrived, children were really active as they would play cricket with other children within the neighbourhood. Also they would go exploring outdoors and see places. Now that television has arrived, childrens’ lives has changed a lot. Children would now stay indoors and they would not leave even 50 yards from the television. Television has had a lot of affect on children.

Children would not do any exercise as they would lay down in front of the television for hours. They would be unhealthy and lazy.Another affect television has on children is that it affects their education. With cartoons showing on television, children would forget about school work and they would just watch cartoons for hours and hours. Another reason people criticised television broadcasts was because of people in general. People as well as children are staying indoors for a very long time as they would watch television for a long time. Nobody wanted to go out and see the outdoors and do exercise.

They would just stay inside and watch television. Television is something in which it attracts people and confuses their mind.