The items under generation by Space Age Furniture Company are tables and cupboards to hold microwave broilers and transportable TVs. The creation and gathering of these decorations pieces is prominently the indistinguishable regardless of the way that they are made in various sizes and with assorted highlights. two of the items have a segment (no. 3079) that require interesting machining the utilization of a machine; those items are the Saturn microwave and the Gemini television stand. space Age has initiated the utilization of a MRP device that has made a more prominent proficient stock and improve shipping examples. The former cost of putting away the Gemini was $1.25 every week and $1.50 for every Saturn that wasn’t promptly sold to the client. The ace timetable for the forthcoming a month and a half is appeared in the table beneath. Ace Schedule Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 Gemini 600 400 700 500 400 600 Saturn 300 400 600 300 According to (Vonderembse and White, 2013) the specific machine makes component no. 3079, that is utilized inside the Saturn microwave stand (component no. 257) and the Gemini TV stand (part no. 435). since the machine best makes component no. 3079, any amount could be set aside a few minutes. as indicated by the case take a gander at, space Age chose that the subassemblies must be made in a measure of one,000 at any given moment least This paper will examine the contextual investigation to make a Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) utilizing the data gave for the situation consider. In the wake of making the MRP, enhancements for the sub-congregations and additionally talking about the exchange offs between extra minutes expenses and stock expenses. Another MRP will be created utilizing the change data and also contrasting distinctive generation forms. At last, the investigation will talk about the way that administration can track work status and area and give suggestions. MRP