I will explain to the agency that Iplan on starting with the exploratory study which is the initial research to havea better understanding on how the agency works and could potentially explainthe nature of the problem looking to be resolved, on this case the decrease onthe amount of donations.

From these initial findings, I would be able todevelop some theories for example negative publicity on the agency, thecreation of new charities or agency not communicating properly with thedonators. Also, an analysis of the current market will be performed to have afull knowledge of what the current situation and ensure important informationis not being overlooked. The exploratory study will includesurveying key people inside and outside the agency who might be able to provideadditional insight. Furthermore, secondary data will be researched foradditional support and possible solutions to this problem. Once I have concluded theexploratory study, I will continue with the descriptive research study which willhelp me get a better understanding of the details on the issue.

This will helpanswer questions in regards to how, when, where, who and what. The purpose isto confirm some of the theories previously developed, learned more specificinformation in regards to the problem and measure brand loyalty which on thiscase reflects the donations. Additionally, I will select one or 2 importantvariables and how they relate to the problem, then interviews will be conductedas well as additional surveys.