12. going to talk about setting up post.

12. WordPress Tutorial posting optionsWelcome to our WordPress lesson. So with this Knowledge bit, we are going to talk about how easy it is to add media to a post and how to actually finalize a post so in this lesson we are going to talk about setting up post. Customize PermalinkWe have also got an option here to customize our permalinks where we might want to actually create a really custom URL’s, so ‘coolurlhere’. so that’s exactly what I wanted if I want to have a ‘coolurlhere’ so this can be the actual link of the page and really think about WordPress is really a lot of cool stuff because its dated base driven content it’s not actually connected to these URL’s so you can change these and if you don’t like it, you can actually change it again. But always keep in mind that search engines are indexing this and if you are changing the pages you are going to get that 404 error page not found. So be careful with these but it is a good option to have where you can update that permalink. Screenshot1Adding MediaSo now to add media so this is going to be super easy so with media you actually can have the media library and this is a really cool feature of WordPress where you can upload files, simply able to drag and drop files in. so I have got few images here that I am going to actually just drag and drop and we see how easily it brings that over into our server.Screenshot2Screenshot3But again it’s just so easy and it gives us this option here to update to all text title, caption and so on. And then we can just simply insert it into the post. Here we can also add text, captions, Title of the image and then a description of the image. It’s always really best practices when you are creating websites. You can also update the alignment so you can have the images left center right or none and this is in line with the text. So you going to put it left and we can also update the image as well. Screenshot4We get some information about the image so we get file size as well so this is really good information there to find that out. We can also insert URL’s directly from URL. Another really cool feature we can create galleries to better organize our images. Screenshot5So we have one more thing we are able to actually link it to a custom URL, we can link it to the media file or we can just leave it without a link so that can all be done right here Custom URL all we had in that link there. Screenshot6And here you have those size options that we looked at earlier and we have got the ability for thumbnail, medium-large and as you can see its updated the dimensions so that the width there is always going to be that max width of 300 but the height is the one that’s going to change so we don’t have disproportionate images because if we uploaded an image and if we wanted a square 300×300 we can’t do that with an image of size 1200×630.Screenshot7So keep that in mind and I am just going to leave it as a medium by default because this is probably the best way to go when I am adding it to my page. And now I have to do insert post and there it gets inserted, I see that I have got the caption when I go to the actual HTML it’s created all of that HTML so caption ID it’s giving some mega information there and it’s also got a class so size medium so that’s where it’s getting that max medium of 300. Screenshot8 So this is a really good option with these captions and this mega information captions are good for screen readers and so on and a lot of themes and templates really do take advantage of what’s available in this caption information so it’s always a really good thing. So going back to the visual and of course now when we got to media we have got all of this media in our library, we can create a brand new gallery as well if we wanted to. We can have feature images and then inserting from URL. Screenshot9So a lot of really good options and now we can actually get to finalize our post. So here on the right-hand side, we have got our format. So if we are uploading a post and we have a particular format in mind we can set that here usually just going to be using standard. Screenshot10Here we have got the ability to publish so publishing again really good well-thought out options. I can save as a draft.Screenshot12I can preview that so I am going to previewing it and this is what it’s going to actually look like. Screenshot13And I can also update the visibility so if I want something that’s password protected really easy to doScreenshot14I can change my status here to pending review. So if I was working with other web content producers and I wanted people to review content before I put it up I can always set it for pending review.Screenshot15So also I have an option here to publish and I can set an actual publishing time so this is a lot of this is going of those features of WordPress that people don’t always use. And I mean it’s really good feature this gives you the ability to come in and make three or four posts and prepare for the following week of content because as you are probably aware Google loves new content, search engines love new content and if you have got four posts you might not want to put them all at once. You want to make it break it out for the next few days and really work with a content schedule. So that’s why I say this is one of those things that people don’t always take advantage of and it’s just a really good feature option to have because. To publish at a certain time does works with the content schedule because we can’t always be at our computers when we want to be and sometimes we want to be publishing our content when most of our users are online.Screenshot16CategoriesSo here are categories. So these are the categories that we have created. So now I can begin to start creating it in and putting content in there. I can also see the most used one as well. And this is a feature if I have got a whole ton of categories a lawsuit which ones are most using I can just simply do most used and here again just as what I was doing in categories I have the ability to create a new category. So if something does not fit anywhere you don’t actually have to leave the post go to categories and create a new one, you can just create it in a new category. Screenshot17And here we have the option to place it under something or I can add a new category and that will automatically update no page, I still have not saved this but I have got all of that information ready to go.Screenshot18TagsSo tags again for search engines for organizing your content and so on. So I can add in different tags I can choose from one that is most used and so on Screenshot19Featured ImageAnd so down here at the bottom featured image. Some template, as well as some WordPress themes, are going to use these images as icons for the featured pages and so on. Posts are going to use this feature images as icon image and if I am using a theme that can access and use that I am going to be able to see that so again customizing themes really good thing with these feature images. Screenshot20So one I am ready I can either save the draft or I can simply publish it so right now I am just going to publish immediately if I set a time then hit publish than it would publish it at the time that I was set. So now I can actually see a preview here. Screenshot21In this Knowledge bit, we have discussed how you can create a new post and we have talked about how we can add a permalink, Media to your post and so on, in the next knowledge bit, we are going to discuss editing and updating post in detail.