10 in their respective field. However, there are

10 charming couples of Indian cricket you may
not know much


Congratulations to Virat Kohli and Anushka
Sharma for their marriage. Both Virat and Anushka is one of the charming and
famous couples of the Indian cricket, as both of them are famous in their
respective field. However, there are other charming couples of Indian cricket
also who you know less. Let’s see about them.

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Suresh Raina and Priyanka Raina-


Suresh rain was considered as one of the most
eligible cricketers of the Indian team. He has a huge female fan following
also; hence when news broke out his marriage many hearts broke at that day. He
married his childhood friend Priyanka Chaudhary who hails from Baraut of Uttar
Pradesh. Prior to marriage, she did work for one bank of Netherland.  Take a look at pictures of this beautiful


Saurav Ganguly and Dona Ganguly-

On those days media was not like todays,
hence many of you might not know the Love story of our one and only” Dada”.
After reading this story you might feel Goosebumps, as in this story there is
love, secret meetings, an opposition to family everything. Both of them were
neighbors, hence both know each other from childhood. Slowly their union turned
in to serious love. Initially, both families did not give consent for the
marriage, due to that both did secret marriage. After some years everyone
accepted them.


Let’s see some beautiful pictures of this
charming couple.


Ishant Sharma and Pratima Singh-


We can say them a sports couple, as Pratima
is a member of Indian women’s basketball team. She belongs from Rajput family
of Varanasi. Both Ishant and Pratima met each other first time on a function of
Delhi’s IGMA basketball league. In one interview Ishant told that Pratima takes
two years to accept his friend request on facebook.



Zahir Khan and Sagarika Ghatke-


Sagarika Ghatke a “Chak de fame girl” and
fast pace bowler Zahir khan looks spectacular with each other.


Murli Vijay and Nikita Vanjara-


Many congratulations to Murli for his third
child. Murli Vijay is very well known the face of IPL for his furious batting.
Nikita earlier married to Dinesh Kartik. Right now Murli and Nikita this has 3


Gautam and Natasha Gambhir-


Delhi based cricketer Gautam Gambhir married
to his childhood friend Natasha. Natasha studied at GD Goenka and did a short
course of Advertising and PR.


Ajinkya rahane and Radhika-


Ajinkya rahane rising cricket stars of Indian
cricket team. He tied a knot with his childhood friend Radhika.


Manoj and Sushmita tiwary-



Manoj and Sushmita met with each other
through common friend


Cheteshwar and Puja Pujara –

Famous test cricket stars Cheteshwar and Puja
tied a knot in 2013.


Umesh and Tanya Yadav



Pace bowler and most promising cricketer tied
knot with Tanya Yadav.


Thank you for reading.



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