1.) their health. From this, if the government

1.) An important necessary condition would be to educate and make people aware of the damage water pollution is causing and the benefits the community would gain from clean water. Getting people aware will help most of the possible solutions to this issue.2.) The labor concerns include gathering willing and dedicated participants to help reduce the pollution and the budget concern plays a role because the government would need to invest more money in this dire cause.3.) Yes, the public definitely needs to be aware of and be supportive of this water pollution solution. To make a difference, a team effort needs to be put in place. Awareness of this problem needs to be spread far and wide.4.) The challenges include grabbing the people’s attention and making it crystal clear that water pollution is a serious problem. Also, convincing the government and getting their approval of investing time and money in this cause is a great challenge.5.) I would consider all of the possible solutions by comparing them to how expensive they would be. Keeping the cost in mind will help the deciding factors on how much each solution will help or if it is worth it compared and contrasted to the others.6.) My parents believe that water pollution needs to be stopped and the damage that has previously been done needs to be cleaned and fixed. We feel that to help keep the number of endangered animals at bay and to help our water stay clean, we need to do something about it. Others in the community feel the same way.7.) Externalities should be considered in the solution. For example, if a business decides to get rid of its toxic waste by releasing it into local lakes and rivers because it will be cheaper for them, then the local people and animals will endure a slow deterioration to their health. From this, if the government decides to outlaw the disposal of waste into local waterways, the businesses will have to eliminate their waste the safe way which means more money spent. The business will lose money and the unemployment rate may raise due to a layoff of workers. Factors like this must be included and considered when making a decision like this.