1. the chance to express themselves freely nowadays,


A.    Attention Getter: ‘What are girls
made of? Sugar and spice and all things nice. That’s what little girls are made
of’, ‘What are boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy dog tails. That’s what
little boys are made of’. ‘Men are harsh while women are sensible’. Have you
heard all these phrases uttered in your daily life? It carves the perception of
how one should behave and look based on whether that person is a male or a
female. Now, look at these pictures and tell me, what do you see?

B.    Reason to listen: despite the fact,
people have been given the chance to express themselves freely nowadays, we
cannot deny discriminations and expectations of genders still occur. We must
stop believing in gender stereotypes.

C.    Thesis statement: People, nothing’s
wrong with girlish boys and boyish girls as it is simply inaccurate, it causes
great harm and it limits one’s capabilities.

D.    Credibility statement: As a daughter
and family member of a family where women are independent, I know how gender
roles should not be normalized in our society.

I, too, was being labelled as
tomboyish back in school as my preferred topic to discuss would not be the
typical girlish topic and my choice of apparel is what people deemed as boys’
clothing, I experience how bad gender stereotypes are.  

E.     Preview of main points: Today, I
want each and every one of you to leave this place with the thought that
nothing’s wrong with not living up to gender expectations. We should stop believing
in gender stereotypes due to many factors.

I will explain how inaccurate gender role is.

I will justify how badly can gender roles harm someone.

I will elaborate how gender roles may limit one’s capabilities.

2.       BODY

A.    We are so used with the idea of
gender roles, we are simply not aware how inaccurate it really is.

1.     Children starts to learn about
gender stereotyping as early as the age of 2! (Knorr, 2017)

a.      They learnt how one should behave
according to their gender through toys their parents bought and television
shows they watch (Knorr, 2017)

b.     Throughout their whole journey of
growing into adulthood, they are bound by the images that deters how one ought
to behave.

c.      For example, ‘Snow White’ and
‘Hercules’ have given out silent messages that women should do house chores and
men need to be strong.

d.     I’m not denying the fact that there
are many kid’s shows that defy gender stereotyping like ‘Doc Mcstuffin’ where
her father is a househusband and her mother is a doctor, yet how many can
compete with the abundance number of television shows that promote gender

2.     The belief of gender stereotyping
differs from one culture to another.

a.      Something that is vastly promoted is
seen differently through the eyes of people from different part of the world.

b.     For example, it is normal for
Middle-Eastern people to wear a long robe for both men and women but if it were
to be applied in the other part of the world, it would seem taboo for the

(Transition: After explaining how inaccurate
gender roles is, I will touch on how dangerous gender roles can be)

B.    Gender roles causes one’s
capabilities to be limited.

1.     Eagly and Karau (2002) came up with
role incongruity theory that has two aspects, one, descriptive expectations,
where one gender is expected to act accordingly to their gender and second,
normative associations and evaluations of behaviour, what is Deemed appropriate
or inappropriate behaviour. (Eckes, 2004)

2.     Jobs are categorized into two
different classes; masculine and feminine.

a.       Jobs like soldiers, engineers and
top management positions in a company are considered more suitable for men
while in the other hand jobs such as nurses, teachers and secretaries are more
associated with women.

b.       This, in a subtle way, may express
the idea that opposite gender may not have successful outcome if they were to
work in the work field contrary to society’s expectations.

3.     One may be at a disadvantage even
from the early stage of applying for a job.

a.      Imagine this, a situation where both
a man and a woman are applying for a top-notch position in a company. The
woman, have all the qualifications and job experiences. Then, there’s the man,
who have fewer qualifications and job experiences compare to the woman. Yet,
they still pick the man over the woman because they believe that men are more
suitable to be leaders rather than women.

b.     Clearly, this shows that people
assume one personality trait and behaviour through their gender, which is
clearly wrong as gender does not explain your credibility and qualifications.

4.     Gender expectations in work field
may cause someone to perform less than what they are capable of doing.

a.      Stereotype threat may happen when
one is aware of stereotypes in that particular field, they may intentionally
reduce their performance to avoid outperforming the opposite gender. (Steele
and Aronson, 1995).

b.     Burton et al. (2009) claimed that due to role incongruity, women are at a
drawback in the labour market for supervision positions due to three reasons;
one, the normative gender roles in attribution where women are expected to
attribute much less leadership ability than men, two, the nature of preference
where it is less desirable for masculine leadership performance from a woman
than that from a man, and three, role appropriation causes lack of
self-confidence as it was to be believed ‘she may not perform correctly’.

c.      This may cause someone to not use
their full potential and ability as they believe their hard work is unworthy as
at the end of the day, they would still be labelled according to their gender.

(Transition: Now, we see how gender stereotypes
may be able to jeopardize one’s future, would you believe me if I say it could
ruin one’s present as well?)

C.    Gender roles conceal the truth from
being told.

1.     The association of men with the idea
that they want sex all the time.

a.      Kassing et al.  (2005) addressed that
there are six categorizations for male rape myths and one of them is forced
sexual contact is still pleasurable for men.

b.     Sexual violence including rape could
be defined as penetration of the vulva or anus, either by a penis, other body
parts or an object even in the slightest bit that is done by force without the
other’s consent. (World Health Organization, n.d.)

2.     Many male rape victims are scared in
voicing out their problem and seeking out help.

b.     Social repercussions happen when anytime
a male rape victim shares their tragic story.

c.      It was found that male report cases are
low as the situation may put their sense of masculinity at stake (Pino and
Meier, 1999).

d.     This will cause them to have low self-esteem
issues and later drowns them in depression.

e.      In extreme cases, it will cause them
to commit suicide.

3.     Although female rape cases are
higher than male rape cases, we should not brush off the fact that it still

a.      According to Rape, Abuse and Incest
National Network (n.d.), out of 10 cases of rape, 1 of them is a man.

b.     This shows that men are not
invincible and they too, are vulnerable to being a rape victim.

3.       Conclusion

A.    Review of main points:

Today, I proved how inaccurate gender roles are. I also managed to shine
the light on the truth regarding how severely can gender roles bring harm. I,
too proved on the fact how gender roles bounded one’s capabilities.

B.    Restate thesis statement: We should
stop gender stereotyping as it is simply inaccurate, it conceals the truth and
it limits one’s capabilities.

C.    Closure: In a simpler way, I want
each and every one of you to stop believing in gender stereotypes. Don’t ignore
them, by ignoring gender stereotyping, it is as if you agree with it. Change
it. How? Do what you are told otherwise. Go out and wear whatever you please,
behave in ways you are comfortable with and do things that make your heart
content. Stand up for yourself as gender is nothing but what describes the
thing between your leg.