[1] that may cause these events as well.



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Connections, Contrasts, and Synthesis

            At the end of this study, Lemieux
came away with this; The United States unsurprisingly had more than double the
mass shootings then the 24 other countries combined during the thirty-year
period between 1983 and 2013. There was a correlation found between countries
that spent lots of GDP on their military and gun movies and gun ownership rate.
This would of course suggest that culture does at the very least influence the
ownership of guns although not necessarily gun violence. According to table 3
of Lemieux’s study, it showed that the southern region of the United States has
the highest concealed gun license rate of any other region as well as highest
rates of murder than the other regions.2 This
is likely due to their southern culture. Although there seems to be a
correlation between gun culture and gun violence in the United States’ south
there did not appear to be a pattern of this at an international level. Overall,
Lemieux found that there is a slight correlation between gun culture and the
prediction of firearm rates and regarding The United States and the south, but
none at an international level. And found no correlation between gun culture
and mass shootings whatsoever. Overall, Lemieux directly proved my hypothesis

            Another article I read was “Effect
of Gun Culture and Firearm Laws on Gun Violence and Mass Shootings in the
United States: A Multi-Level Quantitative Analysis” by Frederic Lemieux.
Lemieux directly does a study on a possible correlation between gun culture and
mass shootings, homicides, and gun violence along with other factors that may
cause these events as well. When talking about culture, he starts with the
stand your ground law and how it is “rooted in American culture have easy
access to firearms and the enactment of laws that authorize citizens to use a
gun in public spaces to defend themselves.”1  In the actual study itself, he organizes it
into a three-level study. The macro level is based on an international
comparison between 25 developed countries, most of them western. This level is
also based on two proxy variables, the first one being military expenditure
because war culture and militarization of several sectors of the society that ascribe
value to the use of military tools and tactics to resolve social problems are
linked based on numerous studies.  The
second proxy variable is based on movies in countries that used guns and
violence as justification for things like revenge or movies that were just
filled with gore. This was to see how much money these movies made in each country.
The Meso level was based on three levels in 50 states. These three levels were
the rates of death by a firearm, the rates of homicide, and the rates of gun
ownership. The micro level analysis is based on over 70 mass shootings
occurring in the United States from 1983 to 2013. This level focuses on several
personal characteristics such as the shooter’s age, race, sex etc. It also
focuses on the setting and properties of the shooting event such as the place
and location, as well as the number of weapons, number of casualties, the
number of perpetrators, etc.