1. other hand, used Catholicism to try to

the English first arrived from Britain to begin a new life in the Americas,
they were not interested in simply settling down and creating a new functioning
society, but instead their main concern was finding gold and becoming wealthy,
as they were promised a new life and great opportunity that would wait for
them. Whereas the Spanish relied heavily on settling down and establishing a
place they would stay and make their home, they would build their society based
off of biblical teachings. The English saw themselves as being beneficial to
the Natives, as they were saving them from the Spanish and their tyrant ways.
The Spanish forced many Indian workers to work in gold and silver mines,
whereas the English usually had indentured servants or slaves of African
decent.  The English fled from England to
begin living without forced to live under religious practices and could choose
to practice or not to practice a religion. The Spanish on the other hand, used
Catholicism to try to get the Indians to join them to save them from heathenism
and from joining the colonist as protestant.


English settlers were not looking to marry the natives to acquire land, but
instead were just interest in taking it. To the English, owning land, meant
that the men usually were wealthy before they emigrated to the America’s, but
they also usually brought workers with them and could have them tend to their
crops and could vote, which showed that not only did they have money but they
also had power and could easily manipulate the Indians into giving up their
land. The Indian village leaders would assign different plots for individual
families to use for a period of time, and tribes would take different areas to
hunt in, and land that nobody claimed was free for use by anyone. Families
would own the right to use the land they were assigned but would not own the
land itself.  Unlike the Europeans who
saw it as a economic gain for individual use, the Indians saw it as a common
resource for all to use.


New England colonies were established due to the fact that the separatists
wanted the ability and freedom to create their own churches that had nothing to
do with the state or the English rule over how they practiced. The puritans
wanted to cleanse the Church of England because they felt the Church of England
had incorporated many parts of the catholic religion banc in England and
decided that a new life in the New Americas would be beneficial as they could
practice religion freely and could make the church whole again in their eyes.


was a huge step for those who decided to leave England as they decided to
venture to a new life of new possibilities. Among those who emigrated were
indentured servants, or those who willing came over as workers who gave up
their freedom in exchange for a way to get to America. Also those who were
wealthy came looking to acquire some land in hopes of having either a farm of
tobacco or other crops that they could sell. The poor came hoping to flee
England because of the idea od having a chance at changing their fate and doing
better economically. Some also came worried the uncertainty of the future of
their country, and those who were seeking religious freedom.


the New England and Chesapeake colonies, men were the first to travel and
settle the new land, while the women did not travel until a extended period of
time later than the men. But when the women did come over if your husband died,
you could be willed your husbands properties and could still have the rights to
estates, whereas in England woman were not guaranteed the same, but would be
subject to getting 1/3 of his property if he were to die before her. In
economically Chesapeake had a very wide range of economic backgrounds that
ranged from the poor to the wealthy and New England was mainly middle class.


the beginning, The English came for a few reasons that we have described, for a
better life, economic prosperity, but one main reason why many fled was for
religious freedom. At first for those who emigrated, their life was better, but
then the English began to become greedy and began to manipulate the Natives out
of their land and killed many of them in the process. Along with Irish who
practiced Catholicism, they killed many people, and tried to impose military
upon them, as they did with the Natives. They also treated their own men as
slaves and would brutally beat those indentured servants who tried to escape.
As the British settlers gained more as they expanded they began to act like
those of which they fled from back in England.


effects of the war left the question of what liberty truly meant to those who
lived in America. Most New Englanders sided with Parliament and some even
returned home to join the forces. While many also followed a woman, Anne
Hutchison, and became Quakers. They believe that every individual had God’s
spirit within them and not just certain people. Four were eventually hanged due
to what they believed after returning from exile.  This sparked a war of its own between the
Protestants and Catholics. The Maryland Toleration Act was then created stating
that while there was no one religion, that Christians were guaranteed a the
“free exercise”


production became one of the biggest industries in the early settlement days of
America. While the settlers original goal was to find gold and strike big with
it, they realize that no one else was producing tobacco and could make them
wealthy so they began to produce an abundance of it and the demand for tobacco
called for an increase in land which called for an increase in labor workers.
Tobacco production was soon heard of in other regions, so it began to be
exported, which turned the trade of goods into the trade of tobacco for slaves
from other countries.