1) of what is being learned, reflect on

and Methodical:
learning, I break down study material into smaller chunks and look at them a
step at a time to get the big picture. This enables me to understand the overall topic better. I classify
this as a strength because it means I
have a total understanding of what I am learning.

Analytical:  I like to examine things in detail before I
come to a conclusion. This is one of my strengths because it means that my work
has been examined critically and errors are minimised. I like to work with
facts and figures.

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at asking probing questions: I ask the right
questions to give a better understanding of what is being learned. This agrees with Honey & Mumford
(1982) learning style which states that my kind of learner learns best when
they have clarity and are thoroughly briefed.

 Rational and Objective: I
am rational and objective in my learning as I get all the information needed to
make an objective conclusion. The information has to be fully understood before
the transfer of knowledge gained can be transformed into action.


Learning Weaknesses

back from participation: I do hold back from participation
while studying in a group because I do not contribute until I have all the
details of what is being learned, reflect on the information and make a well-informed decision. This is a weakness
because I am not happy to give new things a try. This also agrees with the experiential
learning theory which says some people like to reflect on information first
before acting on it.

with uncertainty:
 In learning, I am uncomfortable with
uncertainty and ambiguity as I like to have all the details at hand so I can
reflect on it before making a conclusion. Any uncertainty or ambiguity would
throw me off. This is a weakness because it means I take time to make decisions
while learning.

Risk-averse: Being
risk averse means I am not ready to try new things. This is due to the fact
that I like to review all my information and conclude on it before I make a


My learning strengths and
weaknesses agree with Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory which states that
people acquire knowledge through experience, reflection, conclusion and taking
action. (Kolb, 1984)


& Mumford (1982) identified four learning styles; each one associated with a
stage of Kolb’s learning cycle. These are:

1.      Activist (Having an experience)

2.      Reflector (Reviewing the experience)

3.      Theorist (Concluding from the experience)

4.      Pragmatist (Planning the next step)


In learning, I am
risk averse, indecisive and uncomfortable with ambiguity. I like to be
thoroughly briefed and need assurance and clarity before I undertake any task. This
proves that I learn through reflecting.


The strengths in
the way I learn are that I am thorough and methodical, I am also logical in my
thinking because I have all the facts and I have a better understanding of the
subject through asking probing questions, thus tend to do better in my work. This
here shows I am a theorist in learning.


In conclusion, my learning style is the “Reflector”
and the “Theorist” in agreement with Kolb’s Experiential learning theory and
Honey & Mumford’s learning styles.