1) different ways to keep their religion strong

 1) Tenebrism is a painting technique that emphasizes dark colors by making most of the painting dark with extreme contrasts in light colors in the subject matter. Tenebrism was a powerful tool for artists like Caravaggio because it helped them size the mood of the dramatic and dark moments in their paintings.2) The Counter-Reformation was the Catholics response to the Protestant Reformation. Christians began to argue with the Catholics beliefs, and the Catholics stood tall in their beliefs and would not be stopped. The Catholic church created new art in the forms of architecture and altered pieces that were commissioned to show the mystery of the religion as well as the emphasis of the Virgin Mary. And it helped bring fortunes to the church.3) During the Counter-Reformation, the Catholic church had to find many different ways to keep their religion strong and counter the claims made against them by the Protestants. Art was one of the ways for the church to fight back. The church commissioned new art pieces to display in the forms of architecture and alter pieces that showed their religion in a new way; The Virgin Mary was a prominent subject matter for the modern art. The church wanted to show the mystery of the religion to attract their followers. The church wanted to show the wonder of the religion why still getting the importance of its teachings across to the viewers by showing essential people within their faith but in new ways. For example, the Virgin Mary being accepted into Heaven or Christ having his last supper with people and animals of all different kinds.The assumption of the Virgin is an example of an art piece that was commissioned. Correggio painted on the doom roof of the Parma Cathedral. The painting illustrates the final moment of the Virgin Mary’s life. It shows Saint John, the Baptist, Saint Hilary of Poitiers, the Apostles, the Virgin Mary, many angels, and lastly Christ all viewing the virgin’s acceptance into heaven. Many popes have described the painting as a bunch of limbs, that it is defined this way because a good portion of what can be seen of the painting from looking straight up at it is a bunch of legs of different people within the painting. The best view to have of the painting is at an angle so that more of the people can see it.  Though the Virgin Mary is a significant figure in the painting, Christ who is in the very center by himself is the clearest of the figures and is seen instantly.Feast in the House of Levi is a commissioned painting of the last supper. Paolo Caliari, Il Veronese painted this work for the convent of San Giovanni The painting included cats, dogs, dwarfs, Huns, and drunks, which made it very different from other versions of the last supper. At first, many people did not like Feast in the House of Levi because the various subjects that Veronese included were against the traditional painting. They felt the other subjects took away from the important of Christ at the table having his last supper.