1. an evaporation that decreased the water volume.

1.     PREFACE



Sea are salt contained water that connected
with the vast Ocean.

Sea waters were a mixture from 96,5% of
fresh water dan 3,5% were other materials like salts, dissolved gasses, organic
materials and unsolve particels . sea water physics are determined by those


Oceans, according to the history records, exist
since 4,4 billions years ago, where it was hard acids and boilde over 100 °C  because of the Earth’s heat and carbon dioxide
in the atmosphere at that time. This leads to the quick weathering and were the
cause of salts existed in the sea water. At that time asteroids and meteorites
are smashing the earth surface and created a big wave. Tidal phase were so
massive because of the moon that were so close to the earth.


According to the research, the beginning of
the sea consist of  several theories; but
the most common ones are after the earth start to cool down and decreasing of
volcanic activity, beside at that time atmosphere were full of volcanic ash that
leads to the sun blocked by that ash and eventually form the first rain. The
waters started to fill the crater from the meteorites and form the sea. 

Slowly, the carbon dioxide starts to vanished
and dissolved with the carbonate and form a carbonate calcium. Because of that
sun ray can went through. And cause an evaporation that decreased the water
volume. Weathering process keeps on going and washed to the sea by rain and
increased the salts in sea water.

At 3,8 billion years ago, Earth surface are
starting to look blue because of the ocean. Earth temperature are cooling down
because the sea waters that absorb heat, but at that time there is no evidence
of  live according to the fossil records.

Life begin in the ocean, this theories
still remains a controversy until now.

In the geological excavations in south
Africa at 1971 (predicted to be 3,2 to 4 billion years ago) shows a prehistoric
bacteria that lived in the boiling mud under the sea. This found support that