1.1.1 of the objects. C. Conversion of Gesture

1.1.1 practical and information Requirement

A. Gesture reputation

recognition of the gestures is a
primary characteristic of the software because the final interpreted result will definitelyrely
upon the gestures that has been identified. The receptive and expressive disease humans statistics their signalgestures video, the gadget will extracts the photos from the video recorded by
means of impaired man
or woman after
which send it to the server for in
addition method.

B. photo Processing

pix that has been captured from the motion
pictures will similarly evaluated via the
usage of a
number of the photographprocessing strategies. The pics is then converted into gray scale for extra correct effects.
history subtraction is a
technique in
which an photograph’s foreground is extracted for further processing (itemrecognition etc.) will take positioned in
order to extract the hand gesture. contours can
be acquired from edges of the objects.

C. Conversion of Gesture into text

After detecting the
appropriate gestures. The gestures then converted into applicable simple textual
content. and
coulddisplayed at
the receiver side.

1.1.2 Non functional Requirement

A. look and feel

The design of the application is
needed to keep as easy as feasible in
order that it should no
longer confuse bothexcellent and everyday character and it should be user pleasant.

B. performance

The application is
meant to hit
upon the gesture correctly in
order that the receiver get the
right interpretation of the gesture. There may
be sturdy in
order that the user will not get annoyed. The machine serves as an aid to disabled human

C. Availability
The application presupposed
to be available for
their customers. in
order that the customers can use the applicationeach
time and wherein ever they need to and speak without
difficulty with others