1.0Explain in this paper, which is Management Information

1.0Explain the differences and focus of MIS systems and
KMS systems.


Information Systems is a crucial topic in the field
enterprise Information system.  “An
information system is a social system, which has embedded in it information
technology.” (F.Land: 1985, p 215). This led us to the
main point to discuss in this paper, which is Management Information System
(MIS) and the Knowledge Management System (KMS). 

information system is also one of the crucial tools in any company, which aims
at providing reliable, complete, accessible and understandable information in a
timely manner to the users of that particular system (Al-mamry, Shamasuddin
& Aziati; 2014).  In most cases it is
defined as a computer programme that holds financial information organized and programmed
to automatically produce reports on operations for every level of management in
an organisation. These programmes provide special reports easily. The main
focus of MIS is to provide manager with feedbacks about their own
participations which will in turn help them to monitor the organisation as a
whole. These programmes provide actual data over planned results from a
specific period of time.

Whereas, on the other side of the coin, Knowledge
Management System (KMS), According to Assegaff and Hussin in their paper titled
“Review of Knowledge Management Systems as Socio-Technical System” they defined
KMS as the IT that enables organisations to manage effective and efficiently
knowledge. In their papers, they go further by explaining it as a class of
information systems applied for managing organizational knowledge based on the
definition by Alavi and Leider. It is really a system of applying and using
knowledge management principles. It includes data driven objectives around the
company productivity, a competitive model and business intelligence analysis.
Some of this programmes features ca allow for data mining on customers inputs
and communication, together with the documents provided and shared. This
concept can help organizations to train their staff and orientate them on what
they have to do to effectively cut cost and becoming more productive. In
addition, these programmes also support sales and also help business leaders to
make informed critical decisions.  Some
business commentators tend to confuse Knowledge management with business
intelligence, which also looks at the acquiring data for decisions makings.

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The major difference between the two is management
concepts are as follows:

The Management Information systems is concentrated
more managing organsiations resources that then will help to improve the
performance of the organization as whole. It also focuses on the things needed
to make sure that the organization records are controlled. This is done through
information management and IT resources.  When it comes to these systems, people are
very relevant rather than resources.  But
when you look at Knowledge management systems, it cares more with the way of
creating acquiring, sharing and using knowledge to help understanding in the
organization. In this system people are critical component to be managed. It is
focuses is to improve the company performances and to add value through proper

1.1Companies that most benefits from MIS and KMS


of company using Management Information System

One of the organisations that used MIS quite
successfully was one of the Multinational companies from the United Stated of
America called McDonald. McDonald was founded as restaurant operated by the
McDonalds family. It is one of the world’s largest restaurant operated by
revenue, it is well known for it hamburgers all over the world.  The restaurant began as a small restaurant and
the business expanded quickly. This is because they have been analyzing the
market. Inspired by the world of IT, McDonald developed wireless services
around their restaurants, which enabled them to gather information about their customer
services, length of stay and the sales level. This inspired them to join the
world of Information Management system.

McDonalds implemented MIS?

They implemented MIS which is used to produce important
reports in their work place. Reports such as daily list of employees and hours
they worked or monthly reports on expenses as compared to a budget was readily
available because of the system implemented.

They use these facilities to provide information to
managers and staff to understand the performance and plans is has for the



of company that use Knowledge Management System


Xerox corporations, is an America global company that
sells documents solutions and services and documents technology products to a
lot of countries in the world.  To help
their engineers to work efficiently and the support staff, Xerox designed
Eureka, an Knowledge based application that leverages web-based document share
tools using a database called Oracle.  Is
they log into Eureka, engineers can now easily document newly created solutions
using various templets via their office laptops.

How Xerox benefited from KM?

After implementing a KM system in their organisations,
Xerox experienced a 10 percentage reductions in labor and cost improvement just
within the initial Eureka rollout in France. The return on investment has
drastically increased as they continue to open the application to its other
engineers in other countries. According to one website, it stated that when
Xerox corp implemented this system, it solved 350.000 helpdesk problems and
save the company about $ 4m a each year.  

1.2Benefits from MIS and KM systems in organizations

MIS helps a lot of organization to keep track of its
important resources and stay organized. It allows managers to create reports
for the company’s activities. This includes reports on daily activities,
products sales, the services being used and for future decisions. It also helps
with the following activities:

Planning:  MIS helps to improve the decision making
process in an organization, this by helping the managers to make proper planning
and informed decisions.

information overload: MIS helps to minimize the information overload, this
because large number of data is summarized to make decision making by managers

it help department to be aware of the any problem that my arise and also
solutions to other departments.

also collects development, stock, recovers, assesses and distributes the